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Deploying a Sophos UTM For Home Use
Many many households out there hookup their Internet Service Provider (ISP) internet connection with the provider router or store bought home grade router. These things are often completely useless from a security perspective, either as a result of poor con...

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Getting Your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Email Service (SES) Credentials
Surprisingly, Obtaining Your Amazon SES SMTP Credentials  can be more confusing than one would think. If you find yourself having difficulty authenticating to SES with the credentials that you got from the AWS Console, fret not, it's likely a simple fix.  I...

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Security Specialty (CSS) Beta Exam
I had the opportunity to take the AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam at re:Invent 2016. The exam is in beta phase where questions are being tested, refined and the exam pass line is being set. I won't find out if I passed until March 2017 and I can't sha...

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Amazon Cognito User Pool Admin Authentication Flow with AWS SDK For .NET
Implementing the Amazon Cognito User Pool Admin Authentication Flow with AWS SDK For .NET offers a path to implement user authentication without management of a host components otherwise needed to signup, verify, store and authenticate a user. Though Cognit...

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Getting Started with AWS Lambda C# Functions
For those of us that are .NET developers at heart, we finally have the ability to run server-less C# applications on AWS! Support for the C# Language in AWS Lambda was announced at AWS re:Invent 2016 (1-Dec-2016). This post is a quick getting started guide ...

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FISMA, FedRAMP and the DoD CC SRG. A review of the US Government cloud security policy landscape.
Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA), a US Law signed in 2002,
defines the information protection requirements for US Government,
"government", data and is applicable to all information systems that
process any government data regardless of...

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Using Linqpad to Query Amazon Redshift Database Clusters
Looking for a quick and easy way to query an Amazon Redshift Database Cluster? I was and the first place I turned was to my favorite tool for this kind of thing, Linqpad . I was a bit dismayed to find that none has developed, that I could find, a Linqpad da...

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AWS EC2 Auto Recovery Using CloudWatch
Today I heard about a feature baked into CloudWatch that enables auto recovery of an EC2 instance if it ever fails status its status check. The really cool thing here is that it relaunches an instance with the exact same configuration; preserving any auto-a...

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Simple AWS Lambda Function to Snapshot All Attached Instance Volumes
I realize that this has been done before but, this is my first venture into creating a AWS Lambda function and I'm not a Python guy but with a little reading:
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