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Identifying Interview Danger Signs
There are clear signs
the job markets are heating up again. Regardless, don’t think that means
getting hired is any easier; companies are still screening and scrutinizing candidates
more than ever. And so should you be also, screening and evaluating the peo...

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Self-inflicted Wounds
The primary intent of my articles, blog, presentations,
lectures and handbook is an attempt to provide people with the nearly lost
skills for how to search, seek, effectively interview and, as a result, win a job of their choice in order to enhance one’s

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A Good Resume is Not Enough
It is well-known or
should be that by itself a good resume isn’t enough to get you a job. The human
element is still the most critical deciding factor affecting who gets hired and
who does not. Interpersonal
communication skills or Soft Skills as they’ve co...

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Too Far to Commute, Too Close to Relocate
For whatever reason, perhaps the
available jobs in your local vicinity are either not suitable or there may be
few available. Let’s say, hypothetically, there is a job you are considering,
you like them and they like you. They are willing to pay more money,...

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How to Close the Interview
One of the most basic, and a very
important thing you can do to aid your efforts towards a successful outcome, is
the manner by which you finish the interview. I mean each interview, every
time, with everyone you meet, anytime throughout your career. How yo...

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Making a Change
The concept of
change scares the hell out of some people. Many of us like our routines, and we
don’t like unplanned or unanticipated surprises, or anything that upsets the
status quo. But change does and will happen. Actually, I have observed that the

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Act in Your Own Best Interest
When you search for a
job and subsequently interview, you’re supposed to ask questions. Although
increasingly, I find that people have a reluctance to do so and they somehow
imagine a good resume is all that is necessary and somehow everything else will

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Stand Apart, Stand Out
How does one exude
self-confidence without appearing arrogant or conceited? It’s simple really,
but first let’s put it into context. When you attend a first real interview,
I’m not talking about a telephone screening or a cattle-call and assembly-line

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A Hard Worker - With Pre-Conditions
I am in contact on a regular
basis with many very well-qualified and dedicated people who want to pursue
good jobs and, lately, the job market is improving and some sectors are doing
rather well and experiencing growth. I have client companies with needs fo...

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The Art of Asking Questions
When you are engaged in an interview process, far too many
people sit mute and do little on their own behalf. Reciprocal dialogue is part
of the process but, to do so effectively, requires the ability to effectively
communicate. It is an interactive event a...
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