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I always forget Google+ :) You can find details of the 75+ resources added since I last updated the Google+ page here...
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Hi. My friend who is a Primary Teacher showed me your website. I am now Homeschooling as my daughter has suffered from bullying, which sadly has caused an anxiety problem. The opticians believe she has dyslexia, which explains why she copied. Can you access the games online rather than download them? 
Please share your ideas with other teachers at the Teachers's Staffroom community
I wanted to share this video with you becaue my daughter used  hate maths. Since being homeschooled she is now creating some lovely Times Tables songs and has come up with a brilliant fun game to learn the times tables, which we will test out next week. Where is the Teacher's Staffroom community? Fun maths song homeschool
If you search communities for Teachers Staffroom it should come up towards the top. Please add it to your circles and begin sharing ideas.
Thanks will search right now and add them to my circle. Google is so much better than Facebook!
best me mr grey use them every day!
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