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8 Annoying Things Only People Who Take Public Transport Will Understand
If you’ve ever had to take public transportation for an extended period of time, you will be well aware of the common annoyances that naturally come with sharing a vehicle with hundreds of strangers.
We’ve compiled a list of the most annoying things only bus or train riders here in Calgary will understand that may make you reconsider finally buying yourself that car.
8. Saying good-bye to personal space

Just when you think one more person couldn’t possibly squeeze in, at the last minute another handful of people slip through the closing doors and make you re-evaluate the new meaning of being “too close”. Gasping for oxygen through one woman’s perfume shower while avoiding another man’s flurry of shoulder dandruff, you hold your breath and tell yourself it will all be over soon.
7. Holding your breath when someone sneezes or coughs

There is a reason why healthcare posters instructing us to cover our mouths and wash our hands still need to be plastered in most public restrooms; people don’t listen. To see this in action, us public transporters know all you have to do is sit on a bus for a couple stops and you will see a person overcome with a sneezing attack they think everyone wants to share.
Because they don’t try to contain it, we must take precautions! The only way to protect ourselves is to either wear a ‘SARS’ mask (ain’t nobody got time for that) or, to not breath at all. In doing so we count to 5 and hope that some other poor Joe has enveloped the majority of the blast by the time we refill our lungs.
6. Getting sick more often from not holding your breath when someone sneezes or coughs

And, from that one instance when we foolishly let our guard down and didn’t partake in our oxygen depriving ritual, BAM! We get sick and the cycle continues.
5. Running on its own schedule

Sometimes we aren’t really sure why the transportation system even bothers to post schedules; it’s actually a rare surprise when the driver shows up on time. And doesn’t it seem to be, on the days we are running late, frantically rampaging to bus stop with fingers crossed in hopes that today will be like all the other days, that the bus is forgivingly a few minutes late… NO. Not today. Today, the driver happened to be a little early and that bus is gone baby, gone.
4. TMI

For eavesdropping we have ourselves in part to blame, but some of the outrageous topics and gossip people choose to divulge in public are downright crazy! It’s no wonder ‘Overheard at…’ groups are rampant on social media.
3. The obnoxious cell phone conversationalist

Not only are inappropriate conversations had between people on the bus, but there’s those solo travellers that will find someone in their contact list to call up and vent to for the whole ride. Even though we can only hear half of the conversation, it can be just as annoying and obnoxious.
2. The awkward shuffle and eye contact avoidance when trying to find a seat

Why is it so hard to just get on the bus and pick a seat? In that tiny instance we have between stepping on the bus and the driver accelerating as if to make up for lost time (yeah right), we have to look for: a relatively clean spot beside a sane, generally hygienic human being that doesn’t look too emotionally unstable that if we sit beside them they might erupt, preferably near to one of the exits and along the aisle.
1. That one person that sits by you on an empty train

We’ve all been there. The train (for once!) is not too packed and there is a wealth of vacant seats, even rows of 2-seaters empty! You get that person that drags themselves on the train, arms overflowing with bags that could comfortably sit down with their belongings in one of those empty rows. Instead, they plunk themselves right down next to you jamming you between half of their apartment’s contents and the window.
In the short-term, taking public transportation can be a cheaper option as you only have to dish out around $100 per month for a Calgary transit pass. However, if you’re sick of dealing with these every day annoyances and are ready to make a longer-term investment, it may be time to look into purchasing a car.
If you’re worried about bad credit history or don’t quite have the cash to pay in full up front, there are companies like Auto Loans Calgary and Finance Today who specialize in helping a car become affordable for anyone. No matter what your credit past looks like or what kind of car loan you may need, you are guaranteed approval.
Imagine saying good-bye to the Calgary transit woes once and for all and instead, drive yourself to work every morning in your brand new car.

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We took a quick visit to Finance Today and Auto Loans Calgary’s newest location yesterday. Not only does the newest location feature an incredible selection of vehicles of cars, trucks and SUVs but some incredibly friendly sales staff.
They also made their incredible used car inventory available for browsing online through the Finance Today and Auto Loans Calgary websites.
While the location has changed, there are a few things that you can always count on to stay the same. With Finance Today & Auto Loans Calgary, you’ll only need a few things to apply for a loan for bad credit: a driver’s license or government issued ID, a couple of your most recent pay stubs, a bank statement showing the funds being deposited into your account, a void cheque and 5 personal references.  If you have all those things, you’re GUARANTEED to be approved, no matter your past credit history. Bad credit or no credit – it doesn’t matter! Everyone is approved!
You can apply online on Finance Today or Auto Loan Calgary.  Stop by, shop around and be surprised with the kinds of incredible cars you can buy despite your bad credit history!
We were floored by the incredible value and selection of vehicles and we know you’ll be too!

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2009 #Subaru   Impreza #WRX #Sti- Tech Package (Navigation, Sunroof).
Checkered Flag Auto Sales 4 - Forest Lawn Location
@cfauto4 had this one just arrive for $21995.

Getting an Auto Loan Calgary on a 2009 has just become easier at #cfauto4 .With In House Financing that reports to the bureaus and many lenders available, bank rate financing can achieved in less than 1 hour.
With technology like #textforcredit  you can now text the word "loan" to 393939 to get approved today.

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3 Ways to Make Your Summer Vacation a Reality

As summer is fast approaching, the warmer days naturally make you want to get outside more and enjoy the beautiful weather. It’s no surprise then, that Summer months are a very popular vacation time. If you’re in need of a getaway but previous bad credit is holding you back, here are three ways you can save money while still taking some time off.

1. Stay Closer To Home
A vacation doesn’t have to mean jet setting to another part of the world. There are many beautiful places right here in Alberta that you can visit and still feel like you’ve had a wonderful vacation. Consider heading out to Kananaskis or Jasper and enjoy the picturesque beauty our province has to offer. There are hundreds of camp sites to enjoy a week-long getaway on the cheap.

2. Drive Instead of Fly
Flights are expensive these days and unless you book long in advance, it can be hard to find a good deal. If you do decide to travel within Alberta, drive. We have one of the most scenic highway routes and it doesn’t take very long to feel like you’ve escaped the hustle and bustle of the city.
3. Buy Used
What’s that you say? You don’t have a car and there’s no chance at getting one due to bad credit? Nonsense. There are great companies out there like Auto Loans Calgary and Finance Today that guarantee approval regardless of your credit history. In addition, they also offer used cars for sale that are in great condition at a great price.

For instance, check out this 2011 #Chevrolet# Equinox. It would make the perfect vehicle for a Summer road trip and it offers awesome fuel economy. Companies like Auto Loans Calgary and Finance Today also offer used car loans if you need help paying it off over a longer period of time.
If you’re in desperate need of a Summer vacation and you’re looking for a vehicle to make it happen, check out Auto #Loans #Calgary or Finance Today to help make it a

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Top 10 reasons for credit score decrease

Here is a top 10 reason for your credit score will decrease

1) Bankruptcy.
A bankruptcy will not only decrease your credit score immediately but will also affect you in the years to come. Remember your 1st bankruptcy can fall off your bureau in 7 years but it will take rebuilding as well. Just because a bankruptcy falls off a bureau does not mean you get points back. My suggestion would be to only claim bankruptcy if absolutely necessary. If you claim bankruptcy for a very small amount the lenders moving forward will notice this and be hesitant to lend you the smallest amount of money. It is not impossible to get a bad credit car loan or credit rebuild with a bankruptcy, but a trustee letter will be needed.

2) Late payments.
A late payment, especially if you have young credit can really hurt. If you are someone that normally pays on time a late payment showing on a credit bureau can be the difference between a good credit car loan and a bad credit car loan in Canada. Of course a 90 day late payment will lose you more points than a 30 day late payment, but late is late. Always try to make sure all payments are made on time

3) Judgment.
Any Judgement in the court of law is a killer for your credit. A judgement can happen for a lot of reasons but usually because you have not communicated with a lender for quite sometime. A lender will usually not go as far as getting a judgement if arrangements are made the lender can agree too.

4) Collections.
This is one that people don’t ever seem to realize when they hit their credit Bureau. Collections happen because a person has not communicated efficiently with their lenders. A lender does not want to to take someone to a collection agency. They do it because the consumer, either doesn’t communicate, or doesn’t care about making arrangements. A Lender actually loses money when they take someone to collections as they will need to pay the collection agency money to act on the file. Larger collections will certainly affect any approvals for car loans more then really small ones, but a collection is a collection. Work with your lenders to pay off your debts before they goto collections.

5) Over Limit.
A lot of people dont realize that interest get added on to any monthly credit card bill and can easily take them over their limit. When a person applies for a car loan online the lender will certainly look for over limit trade lines. Before applying for a car loan make sure you are reporting below your limit on your revolving trade lines.

6) Maxed out Credit.
This can bring down your score as it shows to lenders that you are always using the limit supplied to you. Lenders are fearful that you wont be able to pay your limits and claim bankruptcy or default on the loan they are looking at supplying. Most lenders when it comes to Car Loan approvals will not approve a car loan if your debt servicing is about 55%. This means that the bills your pay in a month are more than 55% of your wage. This is super important for smaller income earners.

7)Credit Seeking.
 I have spoken before about how credit seeking can bring down your score. Credit seeking is when a person looks for different types of credit in a short period of time. This does not refer to shopping for the best rate. This refers to a person just looking for lots of different credit in a short time. This being said applying for 8 car loans in 1 week is certainly credit seeking.

8) Too many trade lines.
This will refer to a person having way too much credit to get access to for both their age, credit history, and earnings. An example of this would be someone making $2500 a month in salary and having $100,000 in credit. This should, of course, never be allowed by an institution in the first place, but this is just an example of having too much available credit.

9) Not using credit.
 If you have credit available and you are not using it at all for a long period of time this can actually bring your credit score down. If you have available credit try to keep them active.

10)Closing a credit card.
This might tie into #9. Don’t close credit cards. As your credit score takes a calculation of your average time of credit it is very important to keep your longest standing credit card in use. The trick is to not have that many credit cards in the first place that you would need to close one.

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3 Easy Ways to Start Saving Money for a Car Now

Cars are items that most people need to save up for in order to be able to afford responsibly and without the stress of hurting your credit. You may not think you have enough money coming in to be able to afford a car in Calgary or past bad credit is holding you back. However, with the right savings tactics and the right car loan, you’ll be able to afford it in no time. Here are three ways you can start saving money for a car now.

3) Pack a Lunch

When you make lunches from home, meals can cost as little as a few bucks each as opposed to hovering around the $10 mark. If you stay consistent and keep eating out to a minimum, you could be saving anywhere from $10-$30 a day! Also stay away from racking up expensive meals on your credit card. Do a big grocery shop on a Sunday, prepare your meals for the week ahead and start saving.

2) Automatic Withdrawal

Many banks offer the option to set up a function on your savings account where an automatic amount can be withdrawn from one account and deposited into your savings whenever you like. Every time you expect a paycheck, set-up an automatic direct deposit to occur. Even if you forget about it, your savings account will continue to grow on it’s own and you won’t have the temptation to spend it.

1) Find the Right Car Loan

Calgary based companies like Finance Today and Auto Loans Calgary approve anyone that applies regardless of their past credit history. Even if you have bad credit, you can get approved. Choosing a loan from a company like the two mentioned can help you make incremental payments so you don’t need a huge chunk of money up front to start driving and you can keep saving while you drive.
If you’re looking to buy a new car, check out Auto Loans Calgary and Finance Today’s huge selection of used vehicles they offer at a great price. Before you know it you will have a buffered bank account and be driving down the Deerfoot in your new car.

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TDSR (Total Debt Service Ratio)
A brief explanation on Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a frightening reality for many people. When you file for bankruptcy, you are making the claim that you cannot afford to pay what you currently owe. Instead of Bankruptcy, many people will try an OPD, an Orderly Payment of Debts, as an alternative. Depending on what your debts are will depend on whether or not they will remain active once your bankruptcy claim is over. However, debts like alimony, child support and mortgages will follow you regardless. Most people believe that when you file for bankruptcy, you lose everything. This is not the case. The federal government leaves you with enough essentials for you to get by and potentially pick yourself back up again. While a bankruptcy claim will follow you forever, it will only stay on your credit report for between 6-7 years, depending on who your credit bureau is. After you file for bankruptcy, a trustee is appointed to you to help you through the bankruptcy process. The federal government will assign you a trustee in order to notify your loaners of the current situation, organize any and all official paperwork, make sure that you attend and complete some credit counselling sessions and help you rid your debt once the bankruptcy claim is over.
Bankruptcy is a terrifying experience, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your credit score will greatly suffer from a bankruptcy claim so this is something that needs immediate repair in order to avoid any future issues. Repairing a credit score will take time, but can be done with a few easy tips. Saving your money, avoiding lavish spending sprees, contributing to an RRSP and keeping track of where you spend your money are a few suggestions.

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used car loans in calgary

3 Great Reasons to Use Auto Loans Calgary

Car loans in general have gained quite a bad reputation let alone obtaining one from a dealership that offers loans to people who have bad credit. The reality is, a lot of people are never taught some fundamental and critical personal finance information they need to succeed. And after making a few financial mistakes, anyone can spiral into serious debt.
This is why dealerships like Auto Loans Calgary & Finance Today exist. Here are a few benefits of applying for a used car loan with companies like them.
1. Free Credit Counselling Consultation

Companies like Auto Loans Calgary & Finance Today offer free consultations where a real person sits down with you and talks about your past credit, what it means for your financial position today and how you can improve it. They really care about helping out their customers and seeing them become financially stable because if this happens, everyone wins.
2. Guaranteed Approval

Maybe you’ve never had a credit card or taken out a loan so you have no credit history to show potential lenders that you are reliable. Or maybe, you’ve had too many credit cards, weren’t sure on the interest rates or when you had to pay off your balance, which then resulted in a mountain of debt you couldn’t pay back. It doesn’t matter. Whether you have no credit history or bad credit history, if you apply for a used car loan with Auto Loans Calgary or Finance Today, you are guaranteed to get approved. Your worries are officially over.
3. Improve Your Credit

Not only are you guaranteed a used car loan, Auto Loans Calgary and Finance Today give you an avenue for credit improvement. You can learn once and for all how payments work, what interest rates mean to your balance and how much you have to pay each month. By educating yourself and making payments on-time, you are given the chance to completely turn your credit around and finally become financially healthy.
If you’re ready to put your credit mistakes behind you and start working toward a financially successful future, visit Auto Loans Calgary or Finance Today, fill out an application and get approved for the car and financial help you’ve been waiting for.

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