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Majeed Badizadegan
A passionate Pacific Northwest nature photographer leading workshops, teaching photoshop, and enjoying the beauty of this world.
A passionate Pacific Northwest nature photographer leading workshops, teaching photoshop, and enjoying the beauty of this world.


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I've been working insanely hard to bring a bunch of things together for today, Black Friday, including this new release from the Southern Oregon coast. A lot of news in this post!
BLACK FRIDAY 40% OFF Friday, Nov 25
This type of sale I only do ONE day a year, this is the time to get the print or canvas you've been wanting. Buy as a holiday gift or start your own collection. Take 40% off any PRINT or CANVAS until 11:59PST tonight. Email me to get your order going!

I've been putting a lot of time and effort into overhauling the user experience of my website, including a new logo, new gallery experience, updated content, and more. To celebrate, I'm giving away a 24"x36" canvas ($250 value) for FREE simply do the following:
1) Comment on at least ONE image on my website
2) Comment on the official Facebook post (Majeed Badizadegan Photography on Facebook)
I'm announcing the winner TOMORROW (Saturday, Nov 26)
NEW RELEASE: "Origins":
Just over two weeks ago I found myself staring out a Brookings, Oregon window in the wee hours of the morning. I had more than my fair share of beers the night before, but on a landscape photo trip, there's no excuse to miss a sunrise. I was looking south where a very faint pink hue was beginning to collect on the distant clouds. It was extremely difficult to tell if the hue was light pollution or sunrise light. We made the drive to this secluded beach and as soon as we arrived were treated to this incredible display of color.
Let me know what you think of the new site!

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Mouth of the Dragon

I have visited Kauai many times, but never in Winter. Well, “winter” there is a chilly 65 degrees. Anyway, my first time here in winter, to see the winter swell, and I got a nice show. This specific location is just before Queen’s bath. At the bottom of the trailhead to get to this point, there is a sign that warns of the danger of the surf in this area. Many people have gone on this beach and gone down on these rocks, only to be taken off guard and swept away. So the surf was particularly big this day, and twilight was setting in. Naturally I was hanging around as the burn had come back when the high clouds started popping. It was just seriously impressive.
I set up my composition and ran out to the point. I’m a good 30 feet above the ocean here, but trust me, I didn’t feel safe (even though I had watched the ocean for over an hour and not a drop had reached where I was standing). This was shot at 29mm, and even with this zoomed-in perspective, my camera was still slightly at risk. But I’m really glad I captured this moment.
It was also the first the first time I noticed that the tip of the Na Pali coastline looks like a dragons head. Also, the rock formation I’m standing on kinda looks like one too. Dragons everywhere!

Prints & Workshops

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Naupuka Rise

Just returning from nearly two weeks of a whirlwind trip to the beautiful island of Kauai. To kick things off, I took a stab at this one. We had actually got lost looking for a different beach and ended up here. As we were leaving and I was bellyaching about google maps taking us to the wrong place, i spotted the light hitting these Naupuka plants that grow in lush groves on the beaches. I lined it up with the tree and was happy with the result.


Kauai, HI

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A landscape photography podcast? YES! It finally exists, I've been wanting one for so long. On my LOOOONG drives to locations for landscape shoots, I've been weary of only hearing information about wedding photography or street photography. Yes, no one was forcing me to listen to those podcasts, but there's been a void out there for a LONG time. There has never been a podcast that specifically focuses on landscape and nature. It's such an organic fit for us nature photographers. We're in the car driving millions and billions of miles to locations, and wouldn't it be cool to get a little dose of inspiration along the way? Or pick up a tiny shrapnel of knowledge? Maybe a new technique to try out the next time we shoot?

The wait is over. I teamed up with the Improve Photography network and Nick Page Photography to make this happen.
I'm excited to announce our new weekly podcast, Now available on iTunes, "Tripod: The Nature Photography Podcast"

Please take a moment to go download, subscribe, and RATE the podcast. Early ratings help a bunch! Sharing is caring, get the word out by sharing this post and the podcast with your friends.

Soon we'll be getting some big names in landscape photography on the show so you can get insight into how they work!

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Man, I wish Facebook Resolution was as good as it is here.

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"Sahalie Swift"

Sahalie Falls in the Oregon wilderness is running at low volume, like many Oregon waterfalls with our extended drought. This unusually low volume allowed for a more intimate viewpoint of this fall, and it's unique bend where swift current plunges down a uniform face.
See it in my latest works gallery:

Sahalie Falls, OR
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