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Daniel DePaolo
An unabashed nerd trying to stay above all the hipster douche-baggery that is Portland Oregon
An unabashed nerd trying to stay above all the hipster douche-baggery that is Portland Oregon

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Post Holiday Update - What's to come in 2015
The Holiday season has come and gone, and the New Year starts at midnight tomorrow.  An update seemed in order. For your viewing pleasure, a couple more finished pieces for this year's BIG 500 show. It hangs until January 11th, 2015, in Portland, OR and I b...

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A Halfway Point With a Great View - BIG 500 2014
Eager to finish the rest for this year's show.  The BIG 500... the biggest little show in Portland. Enjoy your week folks - Daniel DePaolo -

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First Four - BIG 500 2014
November is rolling right along. Aside from celebrating another year on this crazy planet, November is also the time to polish off ten new pieces for the annual BIG 500 show here in Portland. Here's a quick preview of the first pieces completed for the show...

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The Cthuttle Bug : Classification of Creatures in the Lands of Nite-Night
It's amazing how a simple line drawing can drag you into a new story.  I'm glad this one turned out the way I'd envisioned.  It's forcing me to refine a new aesthetic, and start turning the wheels in a new world.  Hope you like it! Enjoy the rest or your we...

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Linework for the BIG 500
Apologies for the lack of updated work on Monday. To make up for that, I'm giving you a quick view of the line drawings for a couple of this year's pieces for the BIG 500 show. Each will look different when fully done, but this one's for all the process jun...

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The New Comic - Better Pages
With October getting into gear, fall/winter are shaking up to be busy. I'm working on ten new original illustrations for the annual BIG 500 show here in Portland, creating new pages for a comic, and making a more concerted effort at marketing myself toward ...

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Things to Come
Here's a bit of a teaser for the new comic I'm working on. With the return of fall weather, and the mad rush for indoor projects, I'll be posting small updates on a weekly basis. Until I can get a better scan, you'll have to deal with a blurry page still in...

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Icon show at People's Art Gallery in Portland
         Thought I'd follow that update with a quick look at new work I made for a local show hanging now in Portland. The top piece is Hayao Miyazaki, and the bottom is Neil Gaiman. Both tremendous influences on my aesthetic, as well as being great inspira...

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Fall Update and Work in Progress
          Days are turning colder and a little more moist...Fall is rolling in, and I'm creating new work. It starts with the 45 page, all ages comic I'm creating. I expect to share process shots in the weeks to come. I'm also making ten original pieces for...

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Professor Elemental - Anthology Issue 3
 Following closely on the heels of the Ming Qi project, I had a looming deadline for the 2014 Professor Elemental anthology. For those out of the loop, Professor Elemental is a bit of a English, steam-punk, Hip Hop artist who frequents comic conventions and...
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