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We took our son, who was 9 y/o at the time, to Glendening DDS and were extremely dissatisfied with the service we received. They are a KanCare provider, so one would think they would be good with children... That is NOT the case!! They weren't talking to him, they were talking to my wife about him, while he was laying in the chair, like he wasn't even there. He had a couple csmall avities that needed to be filled, and he's had some taken care of in the past, and some since (at a different dentist), with no issues whatsoever. So, our son is in the chair, a man with a mask and gloves on, towering over him, acting irritated that he had to deal with a kid, not explaining to our son what was going on, rather talking to my wife about how he's done a horrible job brushing his teeth and how it needs to be taken seriously, and how he didn't want to spend the time fixing our son's baby teeth. When my wife informed the dentist he would be filling ALL cavities, baby teeth included, the dentist started slamming things around, and practically yelled at our son to open his mouth with a giant needle in his hand, pissed off... Our son started crying, and refused to open his mouth. After about 30 seconds of this, the dentist slammed everything back down on the tray, ripped his gloves, mask, and gown off and stormed off. A couple minutes later, one of the assistants came in and told us we would need to find a Children's dentist, because our son was a "difficult" patient, and needed someone who specializes in Children to handle his fillings. As I mentioned before, this is the only time he's ever acted like that. A few weeks later, we took him to see another dentist, one who took the time to explain to him what was going to happen, what to expect before, during, and afterward... guess what, not a single tear, protest, or negative word from him. I do NOT recommend them for kids!!!!
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Clean, affordable, friendly staff, awesome highway access to I-35, safe. They advertised these as 'be the first to live in your apartment' and they were right! The apartment I moved into still had the protective plastic on the appliances. Has a really great playground for my daughter, a salt-water pool, and a really nice fitness area. I would absolutely recommend Horizon Trails to anyone looking for a new apartment!
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Hey, just thought I'd share my experience.  This video was extremely helpful in changing the HVAC control module, however, the explanation on how to re-calibrate the actuators, would NOT help work for me!  What I ended up doing, by searching other sites, was:  set both front and rear climate control to cool, turn the ignition to off, pull the HVAC fuse, wait 10 seconds, reinstall fuse, turn vehicle on for 40 seconds while actuators calibrated, turn vehicle off, start vehicle, and the heat finally started working.  

So, if any of you all have issues getting the dang thing to re calibrate, try this out as well.  

Thanks, awesome video, extremely helpful, step-by-step instructions!!!
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