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Hello... this is my first post to the community.  Meet my fuzzy kids, Lilabet and George... on their fish mats.  :)

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That's a great life!
I want to be a cat =^_^=
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Cheers! Ethiopia may be having food issues, but the beer is overflowing!
HUMANITARIAN disasters tend to have a reductive effect on reporting: misery comes to the fore and day-to-day life blurs out of focus. And yet there are always multiple realities.

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why i should never clean:
1. i can't do what i really want to do
2. it makes me sneeze
3. the fuzzy kids are always under my feet
4. i uncover other things that need to be done thus prolonging the process

:P cleaning sucks
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the Sunflowers in a Can are growing... :D
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Yes they should!

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they really can... hahahahaha  :D
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Soooo Trueee but life is never boring.
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Mindy Young originally shared:
i don't think she got enough breakfast... :D
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Shes trying to help...
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Baby goes nom, the cat goes WTF.
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furniture designers and home designers need to be best buds. there are never any plugs where i need them, windows where i need them, light switches where they should be... i get bored looking at the same room day-after-day. so all my morning efforts... were for nothing due to house and furniture cooperation failure. everything's back where it was. pfft. i could've been at the beach.

Mindy Young

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paint... this is only a partial of what i found beneath the carpeting... sad... these floors are gorgeous. been slowly bringing them back to their original beauty.
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Pay someone to refinish your floors. Having been there and done that, it's worth the money because it's a backbreaking job. I could have had my red oak and heart of pine floors refinished for as little as $200 per room, but I was cheap and thought I could do it for less. BIG mistake.

Measure your floors. Comparison shop for a rental sanding machine and supplies. Get some estimates from professionals. Consider what your labor is worth and then decide if it's worth your time to do it yourself.

Regardless of your choice, go to a thrift store and buy some sheets. Run the sheets through a rinse in the washer, and hang the damp sheets around the doors and windows to absorb the dust. Rinse the sheets outside with the hose until they're clean and reuse until the job is done. You're going to love the look of your floors, regardless of who does the job.
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