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Think someone you know could use a little ego boost? Introducing: Flattertising. According to Trend Hunter, this is a new approach to advertising where brands integrate ego boosting messaging into their advertising to offer consumers a more positive experience.

Have YOU experienced Flattertising? What do you think about this? Suppose we could all use a little more positivity in this world.

Happy Motivation Monday Everyone! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Here's some food for thought and inspiration to keep you moving Forward: 

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."  -Thomas Edison

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Trademark bullying at it's finest. The question in this case should be – is the efforts (name and logo) of the coffee shop really hurting NYS economic development? Is it causing confusion about who is providing the coffee? I think not. Unfortunately for all the little guys. That part doesn't really matter.

What do YOU think? Should the coffee shop be allowed to use the mug? 

Here's some thoughts from our team: 
The intention of the NYS agency is to promote NY and the businesses in it. The idea of extracting exorbitant penalties from a small business after forcing compliance seems off-charter. As a company that works deeply in trademark development and protection we have watched the rise of sophisticated, but heavy-handed trademark organizations bring "protection" to new heights. It's tough to beat lawyers in legal disputes. It takes more lawyers. Even when the case may be sketchy, the costs of drawn-out litigation are a huge deterrent to the little guys even trying to make their case.

The other thing to understand is that trademark law can really work in two ways. If you have a good understanding of it, opportunities can be uncovered to position a product or service, build needed associations or even have some fun in relationship to other trademarks. You just have to know where the lines are and stay within them. We're always ready to strategically develop and leverage trademarks for our clients – and keep them out of trouble.

Want to hear some more bullying stories? Give us a call.

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 Apple following in our footsteps... :) The newly identified "favorite" typeface Avenir has been a long time favorite of us folks here at Forward!

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Enjoy! -Jamie 
View from NYC Satellite Office (5 photos)
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Happy First Day of Summer 2012 folks! It's going to be a HOT ONE! Stay cool :) 

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Take a look at our newly renovated space! :) 
Rochester Office Renovations! (11 photos)
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These days, a well-managed social media presence is important. Take a look at the Business Insider's rankings for best and worst social media customer service. 

Have YOU encountered any of these brands' social media services lately? Tell us about it!
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