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What can you shoot with +Google Glass  only? "Clapping through Glass" by +Alexander Chen, +Tu Uthaisri  and yours truly, featuring +Monica Kim , Baby +Thomas Gayno and others: Clapping [through Google Glass]

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Happy 69th birthday, +Erno Rubik
Your Rubik’s Cube is about to turn 40. 

Doesn’t that sound like a cause for celebration? 

The Cube has got us feeling inspired. So we’re cooking up something special, with some help from our friends at +Google ...

More details tomorrow. We’re going to take you Beyond Rubik’s Cube. beautiful and insightful visualization of the global arms trade.

Spectrum Cube on Vimeo

RT @rhizomedotorg: Interface Aesthetics: An Introduction

Fascinating account of "algo trading"

Stories about tax exempt warehouses for the international art market

Just read the well written full story behind people staring at computers by @kcimc :

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