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It’s been a big year in the news and, more self-indulgently, a big year for me starting along my career arterial into radio… so to wrap up the year I’m throwing a party and you’re all invited!

Where: The Phoenix Radio stream online.
When: 9am til 11am Qld time on Thursday the 15th December 2011.

To attend, simply tune in and listen and enjoy yourself. Tweet along @SamGunders.

In week leading up to the party, I’ll be tweeting recipes for party food, how to make decorations and other party prep tips, so follow along and on the morning of the party you’ll feel right at home.

Then on the day I’ll be counting down the 5 most played songs on my show for the last year, having constant interviews, and generally sharing the party vibe.

If you only listen to the Thursday Morning Herald once a year, make it this show. And if you’ve already listened once, listen again anyway cause it’s going to be fantastic.

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I heart Firstdog...

So, anyone managed to find a way to circumvent that ridiculous "top stories" thing on Facebook yet? I've been religiously unmarking top stories for a couple of weeks now, in the hope that FB will give up and let me decide what I think is important, but nothing is happening.

This one is rapidly becoming a deal-breaker: since the last round of privacy violations I've treated FB as read-only, but if I can't even get a chronological feed of updates, I don't really see why I should keep bothering.

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Slowly extricating myself from that octopus called Facebook. Some of those apps are really hard to delete. It's almost as if they don't want to let go...

Australia's men's soccer team makes the second round of the World Cup and it's the biggest news in a decade. Australia's women's soccer team is two games away from winning the World Cup and no one gives a shit.

I wonder what the difference is? Maybe it's that the women aren't over-paid show-ponies...
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