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The Once And Future Nerd
An Original Audio Series. New Episodes Alternate Sundays
An Original Audio Series. New Episodes Alternate Sundays

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Catch the conclusion to Chapter 3 of TOAFN! 

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The newest episode of The Once And Future Nerd is available now on, and its a great episode!

With the main road to Castle Guernatal blocked by a large Felghir encampment, the party must take the road less traveled. Without any way of predicting what dangers may lurk within, they journey into the labyrinthine caves below the foothills. At Castle Guernatal, as King Gunther’s court analyzes the latest information about the movements of the rebel General Traft, Arlene and Gwen deduce the next monstrous step in Ardel’s plot. But will they be able to stop him

Don't forget, if you missed an episode, you can always find it up on our website.  Check it out!

New episode up on the site!  The Prince of Iorden, Part 4.  The party journeys towards the storied city of Armstrungard, in search of clues about the betrayal of House Guernatal, and learns more about the recent history of Iorden.

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The epic tale of The Once and Future Nerd has begun!  Check out the first three episodes of the story!
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