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Juliette: 10 Months
Age:  10 months Milestones:  She can stand AND she can get up without pushing off or pulling on anything.  She goes from the floor to standing totally hands free, which I can't even do some days.  I SWEAR she took her first solo step, and even if she didn't...

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Juliette: 9 Months
Age:  9 months Milestones:  She can stand on her own for like a second, and she says "mama" and "dada!"  (Mama was first ;)) My Favorites:  She's so silly!!  I love watching her play peek-a-boo and how she cracks up when Jacob dances with her.  And I love w...

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Jenna 2.6
Age:  2 1/2 years old Milestones:  She's really into making choices.  She loves putting an item in each hand, bobbing them up and down like a see saw, and asking, "Whatchu want?"  When we were planning her birthday party she asked, "Can I have eggs at my pa...

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Juliette: 8 Months
Age:  8 months Milestones:  She is a SUPER crawler, AND she can pull herself up to a standing position! She also had her first experience with snow (which she touched for two seconds and then cried  #southernbelle) and went to her first major league basebal...

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Juliette: 7 Months
Age:  7 months...look at that face!!!! <3 Milestones:  She started eating solids!!  And oooh my goodness did she love it.  The sweet potatoes went in her mouth and it was like her world went from black and white to color.  After that, she couldn't shovel it...

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Juliette: 6 Months
Age:  6 months Milestones:  Sitting up without me spotting her at all, and she's even rolled over a few times! My Favorites:  I just love getting to know her more and more.  I love how easily she smiles, how she rolls over to her right side when she's tired...

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Toddler Tales
Sure, being a mom is not always glamorous.  My clothes usually have peanut butter and/or stickers on them somewhere and I've encountered more poop face-to-face over the last two years than I ever dreamed.  Still, it is AWESOME and I love being a mom, especi...

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Jenna 2.3
Age: 2 years and 3 months Milestones:  She went from speaking in short, clipped sentences to giving full-on monologues and having long imaginary conversations with her toys or nearby animals.  She has the best imagination! She can also jump with both feet, ...

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Juliette: 5 Months
Age: 5  months Milestones:  Rolling over!  She can roll over from back to front.  She can also sit for a few seconds at a time.  She's getting to be such a big girl!! My Favorites:  I've almost completely  sleep trained her, only during her afternoon nap sh...

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Juliette: 4 Months
Age:  4  months Milestones:  Pulling her paci in and out of her mouth!  It's not perfect, but she has gotten super coordinated My Favorites:  Making her laugh!  She cracks up when you get anywhere near her cheeks, so I tickle them pretty much any chance I g...
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