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have a look at this time lapse video I made on New Years Eve - all shot with a GoPro HD Hero 2 - have a look +GoPro and +Gordon Laing I think you guys will enjoy this one!
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Ha! Youtube says the owner of the video has not made it availa le for mobile devices.
Great clip! How did you get there from QT and what was elevation?
+Hank EspressoBuzz yeah, i collaborated with The Naked and Famous on the soundtrack so You Tube blocks it from mobiles. Ironic as it was shot with a camera that fits in my pocket!
Thanks +Peter Elliston ! We took a water taxi over and hiked up the backside and dropped down the front to The Ledge. Some people choppered over, about a 5min flight. The ledge is at about 1400m elevation 
Very nice work +Scott Kennedy , I was looking forward to this one and it didn't disappoint. I really like how it's not obviously a timelapse until you see the people in it, otherwise it's just a nice gentle pan. Good timing too to get round just as the sun was setting. Nice music too, although they owe Radiohead a nod! PS - +Ken McMahon I bet Scott was using an egg timer!
Thanks +Gordon Laing! Yes, there was a bit of careful sunset planning involved to get back around for last light. Some more clouds in the sky would have made it more obviously time lapse, but I wouldn't trade that golden hour light for anything! Yes, it was an egg timer shot (giving away my tricks again Gordon!) I'll post a link to the rig tomorrow. Oh and We all owe Radiohead something...
Nice vid. Hero on my want list. +1 on the egg timer deal too. 
Cool vid Scott. That's a 'headcam' right? You have a very, very steady and well controlled head my friend. Well done!
Thanks +Todd Sisson - you should know mate, the secret to making it in this business is having a steady head ;-)
That would explain a lot about my career ;-)
PS how did you all get up there? Looks amazing.
+Todd Sisson - we climbed up (7hrs hard slog) and chopper home (5min killer view) - highly recommended! 
I've been thinking about this +Scott Kennedy ... I admire your effort, but if you had a one-way ticket with a helicopter, wouldn't it have been better to use it to get up the mountain, then walk back down? Or was the helicopter full of beer on the way up?
I heartily concur with your adroit analysis +Gordon Laing. Though maybe it was a kinky Masochist's only party ?
+Gordon Laing you're not the first to think along those lines. in fact half of the crew flew up and walked down and the other half walked up and flew down. it was a tough slog up, but the pounding on the knees on the way down would have been way worse (in my opinion). and yes the chopper was bursting with beer, a swing-ball set, a BBQ, enough booze to open a bar and enough ice that we were still making margarita's on Jan 2!
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