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Scott Kennedy
Writer - Photographer - Filmmaker - Adventurer
Writer - Photographer - Filmmaker - Adventurer


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Sequence from the +Red Bull Roast It BMX jam in Queenstown, New Zealand yesterday

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where is the ejection handle on this thing....

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self portrait circa 2009ish...

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Mountain Biking on the Remarkables Range, near Queenstown, New Zealand

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had a great day shooting mountain biking yesterday - have a look!

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have a look at this time lapse video I made on New Years Eve - all shot with a GoPro HD Hero 2 - have a look +GoPro and +Gordon Laing I think you guys will enjoy this one!

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check this great vid that +Gordon Laing made on his brilliantly organized and awesomely fun photo walk from last week!
Queenstown Photowalk - THE MOVIE! ( #qtphotowalk )

Exactly one week ago I joined 30 photographers for the inaugural #Photowalk in #Queenstown, New Zealand! Christmas marks the height of Summer down here in New Zealand and the weather didn't disappoint, with great conditions as we circled the bay into the evening, capturing some classic Kiwi views and a lovely sunset. I've made a short film about the walk and to also showcase some of the great photos taken during the evening. So if you were there, wanted to be there, or simply wondered what happens at a photowalk, then check out my Queenstown Photowalk video at the Camera Club link below!

Featuring +Todd Sisson , +Jason Law , +Scott Kennedy , +Sophie Kennedy , +Lucy Jackson , +Eden Brackstone , +Codie Westphall , +Brett Black , +Lisa Ng , +Stefan Haworth , +Ruth Joiner

So a question to our friends across the Pacific, +Trey Ratcliff , +Thomas Hawk , +Lotus Carroll , +Karen Hutton , was this similar to how it goes down at one of your walks, stateside?

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Here is one of my latest projects - I directed this music video for up and coming musician Katie Raven - check it out!

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Lake Wakatipu Sunset

This is my 'traditional' shot from Sunday's photowalk in Queenstown. (#qtphotowalk) - organised by +Gordon Laing

It is my much-maligned 'location hog' shot +Jason Law :-)

I would never normally share such a complex shot when it is in it's 'infancy' - but time is not on my side as I am out of here for Christmas in a couple of days.

This is a great example of how the digital workflow proffers options that are not readily available to film lovers (or Rockwellites as I call them - in 'honour' of Ken Rockwell's strange 'Real Raw' philosophy)*

Due to the strong side-lighting angles, I had to shoot the foreground with my hand covering much of the sky and mountains to kill the insane flare appearing in the bottom left.

The lake and waves are a 2 shot blend taking the best from each while the sky and mountains are a further 3 frames blended.

Strictly speaking it is HDR.

The image is really at precis stage - I find I need to walk away from shots like this for a few days to get some perspective and find the things that bug me - but it is good enough to share with you lot!


Cheers - Todd

Thanks to the Global Financial Crisis, the New Zealand Government has been forced to 'privatize' huge tracts of the New Zealand landscape.

The entire of Queenstown is now owned in a joint venture between Sir +Peter Jackson's Wingnut Films and Warner Bros.

It is being used as a filmset / Hobbit breeding sanctuary.


*before you start yelling at me about the film thing - I shot transparency for 10 years - and personally, I wouldn't have been able to make this shot without a drum scanner a PC and heaps of luck. Maybe you can - good for you.

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some great images from the photo walk by my lovely wife +Sophie Kennedy
Thanks for a great night - a bit of a marathon for me, but great fun none the less! #qtphotowalk
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