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What I'd really like to see when you test knives if cutting performance on tomatoes and fish since both tends to show really well when a knife isn't doing too well. Aside from that I have been delving the backlog and find you both informative and fun to watch. :) Good job. 
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Adam Östergren

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It is with great shame I look at the current events here in Sweden. There has been some rather serious confrontations between neo-nazis celebrating the 75th year aniversary of the Kristallnacht.

Worse, media ends up reporting about it and screws up the facts so badly that I want to scream.

They reported that "in the original Kristallnacht right-wing elements in then Nazi Germany destroyed Jewish business establishments...."

* 7500 Jewish businesses isn't a few.
* 1400 burned Synagogues are apparently not enough to get mentioned.
* Nor is the 1500 dead.
* Or even some 30 000 Jewish men arrested and sent to concentration camps.
* ... right-wing? Nazi is German and stems from Nationalsozialist or National-Socialist.
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And lead to the widespread murder of 6,000,000 or so members of my family. I do not hold you to blame. I am a bit ambivalent as to reporting on such issues. On one hand we should never forget the atrocities man will commit against man, nor what the outcome of some ideas are when practiced. At the same time, when the true facts and numbers are reported, without the historical repercussions, groups like the neo-nazis romanticize it and draw strength from what they see as a success.  
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Adam Östergren

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I think we have all seen SOME version of this one... but it is the first one that made me smile.
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You sir win 3 days worth of internets.
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Now this is a pure genius invention.
Killer LOL !! 
Courtesy Sal...AKA +Salvatore Bognanni 
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Size Comparison - Science Fiction spaceships
by Dirk Loechel

Via +chuck pereda 
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Adam Östergren

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+Emma Wendt Here is one for you.
I #FoundItOnTumblr  and want to play here.

Sonic Vodka!
The Firefighter
"Only if it's doggy style."

#Whovian   #Shenanigans  
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Sonic mobile phone
"Headed home, love."

Interesting set there.
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Adam Östergren

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Going at things the hardcore mathematical model... Does anyone know how to actually calculate penetration of projectiles against armour?

Kinetic energy is easy enough at KE = (mv^2)/2 but when it then comes down to Joules needed to defeat armour I seem unable to come up with a working formula.

Even a ballpark figure would be a nice thing to have, certainly much easier than actually reading through a lot of WW2 reports on various types of ammo and/or going over weapon and pistols sorting hype from fact and fiction.
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Hmmm... I think I actually have an old copy laying about. I bought up a whole lot of old stuff when one of my GM's died and never uncrated it.
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Adam Östergren

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Whole new meaning to chicken-scribbles...
write a letter to the NSA...
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Very clever! 
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Adam Östergren

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Ohhh lmao
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That's quick thinking for you =D
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Adam Östergren

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I wantz one!
Ever hurled a die in anger? Us, too. Critical Hit D20 3D Window Decal:
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