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Well then. Spam deluge cleared. 20 posts waiting for review when I logged in.

For anyone playing Ars Magica over Fantasy Grounds, let me introduce a little project of mine...

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The many many faces of FG.
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Working together with Dragkhar from the IRC-Chat we have spun out a an alternative to my old FGWiki.

The idea is that we will try to obtain posting-rights for the older rulesets and try to get updated versions of them out there.

What is roleplaying?
Well think of it as an expanded form of the telling of old folktales. Only here you all take part of it, each of you taking on a role. In my example we could follow a group of children or adolescents as they curiously explore the ruins of an old building outside of the place they live. The Storyteller will place obstacles in front of the players to let them solve and most of all choose how to solve them. Perhaps one of the choices will be how to enter the ruins, will the most nimble of them climb up the ivy on the outside to a broken old window? Will the strongest of them crack and break the wooden door gone grey and brittle with age?
As the players make choices the Storyteller presents them with consequences of their choices. Perhaps breaking through the door leaves the big and heavy stronger character stumbling into the stairwell behind. Falling into the darkness to lie groaning further down into the shadows. Who will go to his aid? Will they go to his aid? And once again how? Perhaps they retrieve their fallen comrade and go home to the village their lust for adventure sated for ever more. Or will they push on as their injured comrade finds his injuries to be minor due to his tough physique? If they do push on, who and what might they find living in the tower? And what is their reaction to this? Will they destroy the inhabitants and steal all they hold dear and think themselves heroes because of it? Or will they stay their hand and ask themselves by what right they kill and plunder?
Roleplaying is all about choices and their consequences, the dice are there to add some randomness and risk to the decisions. But most of all it is the latest form of the old art of storytelling. This is what we do. This is what I do. And it is ever entertaining, ever facing interesting questions and choices. And paying the consequences of them.
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This is a really great article about the word Daesh, about what it means (or doesn't) and the actual reasons using it is delegitimizing to the group also known as ISIS or ISIL. 

I'm keeping an eye on this conversation.
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Methinks the spamfilters are getting dumber... 8 posts flagged as spam when I logged in only one of them was in fact a spam-post.

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