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finance, investment, banking, money, saving, retirement, income tax, insurance, knowledge
finance, investment, banking, money, saving, retirement, income tax, insurance, knowledge

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Budget 2017: Impact of Increased Infrastructure Spending
sector is a key driver for the Indian economy. Infrastructure sector includes
power, bridges, dams, roads, rural/urban infrastructure development and also Affordable
Real Estate (Housing). As evident in the 2017 budget speech by our FinMin, t...

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Budget 2017: A Broad Review
The last couple of days have been quite
busy for experts in the various sectors of the Indian Economy. Everyone has
been buzzing about the Indian Union Budget that was tabled by our Fin Min on
1st Feb 2017. As expected opposition and their loyalists are cla...

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What Happens to NPAs in Banks?
A few weeks ago, at the peak of the Demonetization drive , there was a new about a loan given to Kingfisher Airlines
being written off and the social media was full of propaganda posts about how
the government was trying to use Demonetization to Waive Off B...

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Is the Indian Banking Industry Heading toward a Crisis?
In the last
2 articles, we understood about the volume of Bad Loans or NPAs that are
currently outstanding in the books of our Banks as well as why or how Banksmanaged to delay this declaration so long . Now, that we know we have over 6
lakh crores in Bad L...

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Why Did NPAs rise so sharply in 2016?
In the previous article we saw that the
year 2016 saw a tremendous rise in NPAs across Banks in India and also saw the
outstanding NPA’s on a per bank basis. With those numbers in the background, it
is obvious that the Banking Industry in India is on the ve...

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The NPA Problem in Indian Banks
The Banking
industry in India has always been one of the most favoured in our country
thanks to solid and stellar numbers declared year after year. But, if you take
the last year 2016 and dig a little deeper into the numbers, there is one
glaring problem th...

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What is the Government doing to boost Cashless Economy?
In the last
two articles we covered why India should move toward a cashless economy as well
as whether the move is feasible . Toward the end of the article on whether we
move toward cashless system, I had mentioned that the Government of India has
offered a...

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Can India really Become Cashless and Digital?
In the lastarticle , we saw why moving toward a digital and cashless economy is beneficial
for our country. To give you a quick summary, moving toward a digital economy
helps bring in more transactions under the official list and contribute toward
GDP as we...
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