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holy crap! i'll take it, but damn, we're going to the super bowl with this team?!?

Just got back home from dinner to find our house door WIDE open. Apparently the painters aren't capable of doing something like closing and locking the door. WTF is wrong with contractors? We've had issues with every single one since we've moved in.

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At least you can use a theme with Gmail to lose the awful new Google theme...

Still no power. Don't they know who I am?

Helping debtors, from mortgages or student loans, is just helping some people by taking money away from other people. Knock it off.

Very happy for Gilad Shalit and his family, but 1,000:1? Unbelievable, and really shows something about both sides.

Just found that we have a salesman in our New York office named Lester John. That must be hard.

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Quoted Spider Man in my most recent blog post, only to find a link to the movie added. Good to see someone has a sense of humor.

Shouldn't bathroom doors open outward so you don't have to grab a handle on the way out?
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