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*Looks down then to the right* Uhmm...apparently I'm "The Chocolate Bed".

Lol, your turn ( ^ . ^ )
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Chocolate bed is better than The Purple Fruit!
Greycup sounds a little too much like Greyskull, perhaps I'm a supervillain or perhaps a lackey.
Ha, no particular fruit +Jessica Wood...just an assortment? Even cheating a little bit and calling you The Healthy Bowl doesn't really help does it, lol.
no...purple shirt and a container of mixed fruit....smh
+Kevin Barnes {swear I just typed "bacon", lol} The Greycup not only sounds like a lackey, but also slightly effeminate...not that there's anything wrong with that!.
+cloyd bucher The Shining Purple Fruit? Lol! Better? The Plaid Banana woulda been kinda cool, imo.
The Shining Purple Container? I'm breaking a sweat. I give up, lol.
I'm BareChair lol
LOL, I fully expected you to be The Burberry Rum n Coke or something +Joe Dean :P
Sorry +LAURIE WADE I don't drink 24 - 7 lol though I do like a good drink every now and then

I'd just finished taking a shower and was sitting on my bed. 
The Grey Wall sounds kinda sexy to my pervy mind +Achyuth Punnekat. If we could become our superhero name, I'd probably use my ability to stand anywhere and not be noticed mostly for evil naughty though. You'd find me standing around in dressing rooms, the bedrooms of strangers....Brad Pitt's shower, lol. The only thing that might give me away is when Brad Pitt is standing in front of me naked yelling, "where the hell did this grey wall come from?!" ..and I start to giggle.
I know, right, +Jackie Mccarthy? This is getting ridiculous. While eating breakfast, however, I did manage to muster up The Xanadu{grayish green, lol} Arm. Which I must admit really appealed to the zombie lover in me :)
assuming i had the clothes i would love to have the mottled zombiefied look ahh well next time
BLACK CALCULATOR. fear me and my physics knowledge lol
+Lily Rose Able to calculate income taxes in a single bound lol
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