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LOTS: Skull Reich Part 1
Here it is folks: Thanks one and all

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Release Delay
Hello all, The worldwide release date for Skull Reich will be pushed back from September 9, 2015 to December 5, 2015. Skull Reich will be revamped and released this fall albeit a bit later than previously planned. The countdown will be adjusted to reflect h...

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1 : 31 : Wave's Fallout?
"The new drug is ready for proper field testing." Mad Scientist said. He was a hologram speaking to a physical being. The aged figure of The General faced the wheelbound paraplegic genius. "Use Major Henry to move the first version to the necessary parties....

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Special: Last Call
Last Call The clock strikes twelve. A raging fireball races towards me. I close my eyes anticipating the end. 7 am. I wake from the nightmare, sweat dribbles down my face to my naked torso and onto the sheet covering the bed. My body shivers, shaken by the ...

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Novel release date
Hello one and all! I bring very exciting news! Legend of the Seven : Skull Reich - will be published WORLDWIDE (across several platforms) in September 9th, 2015 at 1 pm EST . Are you ready??? Set your timers

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1 : 30 : Wave's Hope?
"We have a leak, a very high-ranking one." The Specialist said. He was safely back on board the SR-MC Colossus, which flew stealthily over the boarding school. Shadow, head of weaponry and technology of Skull Reich, met the Specialist at the interior hangar...

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1 : 29 : Study session?
“Easy cub.” Phoenix said as he lifted up the trapdoor. The room was dark, a lit by the clash of gunfire on Smith’s hardlight shield. Dozens of armed gun men shot into the darkened hall completely unaware of its inhabitants. Six teenage demigods stood in the...

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1 : 28 : Class clash?
24 hours earlier… “We have a lead.” The underling said. She was another nameless worker drone under the direct employ of Shadow, weapon master of Skull Reich. The crew of SR-MC Colossus, “Show me.” Shadow responded. He sat on a technological throne, in the ...

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1 : 27 : School is in?
“Governor Sara Pauline, thank you for spending time with us tonight
at Fox news. One last question, there have been rumors that you are
planning to run for President. Care to comment?” The female reporter
asked. The weather was quite chilly and it had no...
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