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Anna Johansson
I speak fluent geek.
I speak fluent geek.


Trying to get fancontrol to work on a 2 weeks old Acer Predator g9-791, stuck on "pwmconfig: there are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed" though. Tried with setting "acpi_enforce_resources=lax" on boot but still no success running pwmconfig (and therefore missing a config file trying to run fancontrol). Any ideas what I could try next?

The problem I'm having is that my fans power up into maximum all the time, being quite loud... Sure, I'm at no risk of overheating with temps around 25-30...

If I boot into Windows and use Predator Sense I can get them to quiet down as expected. They spin up about 20-30 seconds after I start the computer, even if I'm still on the Grub menu.

What more can be of interest... I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to this. I have downloaded nvidia-361 and intel_pstate, and as far as I know it's the Intel driver I've activated. I've also set the governor to "powersave" via cpufrequtils. (I might be confusing some things here though).

Any pointers or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Getting grey hairs trying to get the fans on my #Acer #Predator g9-791 to quiet down a bit on #ubuntu #GNOME...

Anyone know if it's even possible to get (google) web search in the dash to work on #GNOME 3.20.2, or am I wasting my breath? I'm inclined to give it a shot trying to implement it but I'm a complete noob so it would take me days if it's even possible, and maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree all together?

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Ubuntu GNOME 3.20.2 with Flat Plat shell and gtk theme and Lüv icon theme set to inherit Paper and Ultra Flat. Trying to adapt to #googlematerialdesign because I love it.
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Ubuntu (16.04 LTS) GNOME 3.20.2. Pressing either the log out or shutdown buttons in the system menu locks the system for a good 20,30 seconds before reacting and once prompted I've noticed that no matter what I select it continues as if I've clicked ok (for example it shuts down even if I click "cancel" on the shut down prompt).

Anyone else experiencing this? Noting it on both my laptop and my stationary (with the same setups).

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Acer Predator G9-791 dual boot Ubuntu GNOME and Windows 10. Life is good. 😁 #linux #ubuntu #GNOME #Acer #acerpredator

The fact that I currently have 78 (!) active mods (on top of the 2 dlcs) in #fallout4 and everything actually works just puts me in awe of the modders out there. The time and effort you guys and girls put in is just jawdropping.

#Linux truly has put the fun back into computers for me. ^_^

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Anyone who can enlighten me as to why Vagrant (1.7.4) has (suddenly) started rsyncing my /vagrant folder instead of mounting it...? #UbuntuWilyWerewolf #Vagrant #VirtualBox (5.0.14)
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