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para elite
PARA ELITE IS NOW FOR THE PAST 2 years  Me vocals  Jay guitar  Robert bass  Tony drums  Our new album is actual our first lp. The first was a split with our friends from Denver..TOTAL ANNIHILATION.  The difference between this release and our first,is that ...

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1. Hi, I’m Eleka (vocalist and guitaritst) from Muerte y Calaveras R.A.C. band. Alf is the drummer and sometimes is also the second voice.  We founded the band in 2007, since then 1. Hi, I’m Eleka (vocalist and guitaritst) from Muerte y Calaveras R.A.C. ban...

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me on my music profile

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Misanthropic Division brazil interview!
1 Can you introduce MD as a organization The Misanthropic Division is a paramilitary organization totally racist and romantic, which stands for National Socialist struggle and the resumption of European traditional way of life. We have a position contrary t...

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14 sacred words!
1. introduce you and your krew  We are 14 Sacred Words.  Jasin (me) - guitar and vocals  Mikkaal - guitar and vocals  Scott - bass  Euclid - drums  2. what kinda music do you play?  We are still developing our sound, but for the moment we're just calling it...

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Could you please introduce yourself to our readers: Hi there, I'm Jäsä, knocking on 43 and a racial activist on various levels since 1989. My utmost interest is video making, filming and editing. But I have also produced skinzine (AinaSkin in early till mid...

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carlos of bronco army!
1. Introduce yourself and your band.

1-Well, I'm Carlos current bassist in Bronco Army. I think I do not know how the situation at the time and still will continue with the band.

2. Can you tell me about your style of music?

2- I really like Oi and Rac. ...

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Escuadron 88! stolen from Midgård Magazine
Hello Sebastian!
Would you like to introduce yourself and the band Escuadron 88?

Greetings. The band was created in 1996-1997, and it is the first WP skinhead band in our country. It kept on activity only a couple of years because several members were ja...

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Chris from Volk!
Can you introduce yourself and your music style? You are speaking with Christopher Control. I represent Toronto Black Metal band VOLK. 2. How is the Canadian folk metal scene? I tend to focus exclusively on direct competition. So I just have my eye on Metal...
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