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A post in honour to those who died in the event of 9/11 
My heart goes out to the families of those who have died, and I hope that we will never forget the deaths the terrorists have caused. I hope we will never forget the people who have died, people who had a family, people who had dreams, hopes, and people who had bad days, and stubbed their toes, just like us. I pray for the families who have lost loved ones, 13 years ago today. Even though they are in the US, it doesn't matter. 

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The devil is attacking my family OVERTIME!!!!  I wake up to find out that my cousin Antonio's daughter is missing. Please reshare!


My cousin Antonio Bennett's daughter is missing, she is 15 years old. Please share and reshare if you see her please call 910-442-6589 or 911.

Her name is Miyah Jordan Bennett. Please pray for her safety and keep the whole Bennett family in prayer at this time!!
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