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OpenStack Summit - TripleO Project Onboarding
We've been having a productive week here in Boston at the OpenStack Summit , and one of the sessions I was involved in was a TripleO project Onboarding session . The project onboarding sessions are a new idea for this summit, and provide the opportunity for...

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Developing Mistral workflows for TripleO
During the newton/ocata development cycles, TripleO made changes to the architecture so we make use of Mistral (the OpenStack workflow API project) to drive workflows required to deploy your OpenStack cloud. Prior to this change we had workflow defined insi...

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TripleO composable/custom roles
This is a follow-up to my previous post outlining the new composable services interfaces , which covered the basics of the new for Newton composable services model. The final piece of the composability model we've been developing this cycle is the ability t...

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Complex data transformations with nested Heat intrinsic functions
Disclaimer, what follows is either pretty neat, or pure-evil depending your your viewpoint ;)  But it's based on a real use-case and it works, so I'm posting this to document the approach, why it's needed, and hopefully stimulate some discussion around opti...

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TripleO Deploy Artifacts (and puppet development workflow)
For a while now, TripleO has supported a "DeployArtifacts" interface, aimed at making it easier to deploy modified/additional files on your overcloud, without the overhead of frequently rebuilding images. This started out as a way to enable faster iteration...

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TripleO Composable Services 101
Over the newton cycle, we've been working very hard on a major refactor of our heat templates and puppet manifiests, such that a much more granular and flexible "Composable Services" pattern is followed throughout our implementation. It's been a lot of work...

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TripleO partial stack updates
Recently I was asked if it's possible to do a partial update of a TripleO overcloud - the answer is yes, so I thought I'd write a post showing how to do it.  Much of what follows is basically an update on my old post on nested resource introspection (some i...

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TripleO Heat templates Part 3 - Cluster configuration, introduction/primer
In my previous two posts I covered an overview of TripleO template roles and groups , and specifics of how initial deployment of a node happens .  Today I'm planning to introduce the next step of the deployment process - taking the deployed groups of nodes,...

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TripleO Heat templates Part 2 - Node initial deployment & config
In my previous post " TripleO Heat templates Part 1 - roles and groups ", I provided an overview of the various TripleO roles, the way the role implementation is abstracted via provider resources , and how they are grouped and scaled via OS::Heat::ResourceG...

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TripleO Heat templates Part 1 - Roles and Groups
This is the start of a series of posts aiming to de-construct the TripleO heat templates , explaining the abstractions that exist,and the heat features which enable them. If you're not already a little familiar with ResourceGroups , "Provider Resources" use...
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