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Disgustingly dirty, yet strangely satisfying.
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need these at ski resorts.
Nothing makes a girl giddy like a muddy, frosty MTB! :D
+DL Byron That's a great idea! I bet if the ki resorts caught on it would generate some extra business and tourism.
+Guitar Ted we were at Park City last month and I was asking, "where are the fat bikes for snow?" Run 'em like Cross Country skiing.
+Guitar Ted so I think a company with some marketing muscle, at least could maybe get a demonstration done. If so +Bike Hugger would cover it. Target market is cross country skiers.
+DL Byron Yeah, XC skiers and some groomed, sledged trail through some wooded areas would be ideal. You know Jay Petervary? He's been getting on this idea in Western CO.
+Guitar Ted nope. No game in snow sports, I just covered a snowboarding event as a guest and while there thought, would like to ride here and then thought, Snow Bikes!
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