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Some very good quality close up pics of the new ship models - the shuttle wings fold up!

Post has attachment have started some X-Wing battle reports - they've just their first video of a 100 point game :)

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Had a blast at my first X-Wing tournie yesterday. After a bunch of late call offs, we were left with a disappointing turn out (only 4 players), but Shaz at Edinburgh Games Hub was good enough to stick to his plan and keep both a Slave 1 and Millenium Falcon up for grabs as prizes, meaning that 2 players out of 4 went home with something from their £5 entry fee.

Playing 100 pt dogfights, I went with a pretty simple list:
Vader with Swarm Tactics, Concussion Missiles
Tempest Squad pilot with Concussion Missiles
Dark Curse
2x Academy Pilot

Things went well in my first game - was up against Boba Fett and 4 Academy Pilots. Vader and the Tempest Squad got good rolls when unleashing their missiles and I managed to take out 2 of the opposition Ties in the first combats, eventually cleaning up to wipe out the opposition without losing a ship.

Through to what was now the final, I was up against Han in the Falcon, tricked up to defend, along with a Red Squadron and Rookie X-wing pilots. Things didn't go so well this game - I struggled to get things into my firing arcs, and I seemed to have had all of my lucky rolls in the first game, leaving me rolling blanks a lot. I took out an X-wing, but didn't manage to get any concentrated fire on either of the others, and ended with a total loss on my side.

(The last force that I didn't play was Han in the Falcon and Luke in his X-wing... both upgraded for attack. He lost his first game to the larger rebel force, but took out Fett and his Tie swarm buddies in the 3/4 place play off.)

The winner chose to take the Falcon as his prize, so I was happy to get Slave 1 to add to my Imperial Squadron. A good morning's competition, and a lot of fun - all of us are pretty new to the game, and I'm sure next time out will look pretty different.

Getting the tournie out of the way quickly left us with a spare afternoon - we all joined together for a  300 points a side doubles game. I stuck with my original list, adding Scarlett in my new Firespray with some upgrades to take me up to 150pts, while my partner took Fett along with Interceptors and Ties for his half. The rebel force included a whole host of named pilots including Han, Luke, Biggs and Wedge, along with some Y and A Wings. We slogged it out for about 3 hours before we had to call things to an end without a decisive winner - the Rebels went for a refused flank, taking out Fett early along with some of his support, but were left vulnerable to the Imps coming in to their flank largely unscathed who managed to make up for the early losses.

All in all, it was a great day's gaming - I learnt a lot, played some new opponents and came home with a new ship. We also learned that game time seems to increase exponentially with the points limit of the game.... We've been promised more events in the future, so I'm looking forward to more games with a bigger turnout next time.
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Wrote a little bit about the 3 tiers in D&D 4e, and what the party I'm DMing for might find themselves dealing with over the Paragon and Epic tiers.

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After playing a bit of Dragon Age last year, I'd been meaning to write up a little blog piece about it. Watching Tabletop this week reminded me... this is a little bit on why I find the 3d6 core mechanic a bit better than D20 systems I've also played.  Any other systems people would recommend based on some of the stuff I've mentioned?

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I'm preaching the choir here I'm sure, but I've started out my new blog with a post about some of the things I love about the core 3d6 mechanic of the AGE system.  Anything else in particular that people like about it?
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