Australia Post - Fitzroy North LPO
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Today 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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155 Scotchmer St Fitzroy North VIC 3068
155 Scotchmer StAUVICFitzroy North3068
(03) 9481
Post OfficeToday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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For over 200 years Australia Post has been trusted by Australians to provide postal services, stamps & parcels. Now also provides banking, business supplies, travel money, insurance & passport photos
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Ed David's profile photo
Ed David
reviewed 6 months ago
Wow, what a surprising and unique experience. I had expected to pop down to the local post office to pick up a parcel only to find myself transported into another realm. I felt like i was under a kind of surreal interrogation from a displeased relative by the elderly lady behind the counter as i attempted to retrieve my parcel. I feel lucky to have navigated the minefield of that interaction and to have gotten out alive with my parcel. Only to be chased down the street to be brought back to sign in a book. Wonderfully funny and funny if you have endless patience, an ironic sense of humour and the time. And extra star for the laughs.
• • •
Rachel Markus
reviewed 7 months ago
I agree with all the other reviews. This place is run like Fawlty Towers. If it wasnt so inconvenient it would be REALLY funny. I thought when they took over the place about 8 years ago that Australia Post would have kicked them out by now, or they would have had enough feedback to learn to behave differently, but clearly not. Pretty unbelievable really. My staff dread going there, I dread going there (so I send my staff!) and we go elsewhere for anything discretionary. We are FINALLY moving our post office box, at considerable inconveniece, because I cant do this to my staff any more! Anyone want to bet that three weeks after we do it, Aussie Post will take the action they should have taken 6 years ago? Some people should just not be allowed in customer service roles......It's such a stain on our local community.
• • •
Tahnee Moore's profile photo
Tahnee Moore
reviewed a year ago
After waiting in line for ages, I finally try to pay all 3 of my fines. Two are overdue so the lady tells me I cannot pay them but I pay the third one. This took about 3 weeks to go through this process. I was busting to pee and just wanted to get the heck outta there, as soon as the eft machine said 'approved' I went to take off. The old lady commands me to wait [puts her hand up] and looks down at the docket printing... "you must take receipt". Then she turned to her ?Husband and started yelling at him. So I waited...for the merchant copy to print............then the customer copy to print......then the till docket to print.....then she had to neatly staple them together........with my original copy of the fine.......then I got told not to get parking fines because they cost too much. 6 months later I returned to my car.
• • •
Diana Carroll
reviewed 7 months ago
Surely the worst P.O. in Australia. Aptly described by many others as the Fawlty Towers of Australia Post, but it is actually so much worse. Even the Major would find no charm in this establishment nor a reason to return. Sybil is far too kind a moniker for the rude and extraordinarily irritating mother of this franchise. If Jerry Seinfeld had visited, he would have called her The Compulsive Commenter, with her incessant, unwanted and inappropriate comments that slow service to a halt. As others have said, we take our outgoing business elsewhere, but have no choice but for our incoming parcels to be added to the dysfunctional mound behind the counter. Once in a blue moon they are directed to the Queens Pde PO, which only by comparison is a pleasure. We all sigh when we receive the parcel notice card and resign ourselves to lining up for 30 minutes to brace for the onslaught of incompetence and rudeness.
• • •
Damian Guiney's profile photo
Damian Guiney
reviewed a year ago
I love this place. I never come home without a cracking story to tell. Last time, they wouldn't give me my parcel because I didn't have the wet piece of cardboard they threw over my front fence informing me that I had a parcel! My ten pieces of photo ID just didn't cut it! Anyway, eventually they relented but do you think they could find my parcel in that homeless shelter they call a Post Office? She was literally kicking down the small city of crap they've built there behind the counter. Eventually they found it, all screwed up and damaged. Just last week she screamed at my missus for getting too many parcels. Comedy gold, I'm telling you. Get in there before Australia Post wakes up and kicks them out. It really is too good to miss!
• • •
Jonathan Dimond's profile photo
Jonathan Dimond
reviewed a year ago
Every visit to North Fitzroy Post Office offers golden opportunity to the would-be writer of a short film or comedy sketch. The Chinese couple that run it have been described as the Basil and Sybil Fawlty of Post Offices, and I think this is accurate! Mountains of poor customer feedback has done nothing to change the way this couple run their business, which is so outrageously unprofessional and uncompassionate to the customer that you can pretty much be assured that at least one person in the line in front of you will storm out in frustration, every time you visit! I wish I had the guts to take a video camera in there...!
• • •