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Jamie Price

Looking under "Known Issues" for Drive File Stream I see this:

"You can't currently duplicate Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides."

Any idea what that means? I am thinking "make a copy". Or maybe using the desktop contextual menu duplicate option.

Some official clarification would be nice.

A question for those that have implemented restricted email flow for lower grades. As in district only.

Why? What is your reasoning? Not critical. Just curious.

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So now Securly is offering their free version to all customers - not just EU schools.

Anyone have any thoughts on it? Im not asking about whether or not you think Securly is a good product. Im more interested in peoples thoughts about this free offering. THanks

Hi - I am interested to hear what other school districts do about students, in a 1:1 setting, that have damaged their Chromebooks, do not have optional accidental damage insurance (if you offer it), and do NOT pay for the repair.

Here when a damaged Chromebook comes in we repair the device and apply the cost of the repair to the student account. The student is given a "loaner" for the time between submission and repaired return of the original Chromebook. When their device is repaired then they receive it back and return the loaner to the school.

In the cases of non-insured families: If the repair is deemed as accidental and the student family is indigent/FR we cover the cost of the repair. If the family is not indigent/FR we do not cover the cost and pass the cost of repair along to the family.

In either case if the damage is obviously a result of extreme neglect or vandalism we do not waive the cost. We pass it on to the family.

Passing the cost along is fine. But the actual recovery of the repair cost is a challenge. For the most part families pay - but there are a number that do not. Building level action that is needed to pursue that recovery is time consuming, problematic, and on a case by case basis (less than $50 most of the time), not a wise use of resources. The students cannot be without a Chromebook - so withholding the device is not an option (although we are exploring some different options along those lines). Also - in many cases its not the student, its the family that doesn't pay - in some cases its just plain wrong to place the student at a disadvantage because their parents refuse to pay.

We don't want to just write it off as operating costs because a) that's not fair on the student families that do the right thing, b) that's not responsible use of district and taxpayer funds, c) there would be no accountability or learning moments for the students, and d) eventually it would be found that there were no ramifications and I think the problem would spread.

So - how do you handle such a situation? What do you do about students/families that do not pay for their repairs?

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Excited to start practicing with this.....

EDIT: See +Nick Young's comment below for in progress requests. Please upvote those. There are only 32/57 votes so far. With the number of people in this group it should be up in the 100's if not 1000's..........

So it still looks like Team Drives will be forced on for ALL users (ie students) on 01/01/18.

Has anyone heard anything about that being configurable?

If not I was thinking about requesting an enhancement that allows admins to turn on and off at the OU level. If I did that would there be interest in supporting/starring the request?

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Hi - if you could answer some questions via this survey about middle school 1:1 (only 3 or 4 questions) would be greatly appreciated.

The form is linked below.

Here's the url to the results if anyone is interested:

Hi - for the first time ever we have a need for Chromebook Power Towers (always been shared cart models at elementary schools prior). Looking at Powergistics. Does anyone have any other recommendations for towers that they have had a positive experience with?


Success/testimonials for GSFE backup solutions OTHER than Backupify???? What do you use (I know Vault is out there for free but we require greater functionality than that).

Im not dissatisfied with Backupify - in fact the service/solution is excellent for our needs - but renewal is coming up and I want to make sure I shop around. You don't know what you don't know and I'm not one for "auto" renewing subscriptions unless I check the playing field first.
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