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I like the sound of this! :)

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Warm Welcome © Vicki Ferrari

The hand that melts the ice that surrounds my soul… allowing me to see myself… allowing me to like myself… allowing myself to learn that some people mean what they say without malice… allowing me to experience happiness from being at ease with myself…

Vicki Ferrari Photography … 4th September 2012

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"Trust is something hard to win, easy to lose and never to be taken lightly" 
As wisely quoted by Tom Barnaby from the wonderful series "Midsomer Murders"
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Vicki Ferrari 7th June 2014

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Wow! Brilliant photography by Jacky Parker!

I am enjoying this cooler weather for the first time in many years! Not sure why but who am I to question that one? ;)

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I created this work in response to my sadness about the culling of the sharks in Australia, the news that the dredging on the Great Barrier Reef would be going ahead, the culling and capturing of the dolphins and whales in other parts of the world and how it is, as human beings, that we may be creating imbalance in and on our planet; about how helpless I felt that I could not do anything about it. Watching the news, reading about it on on social media only made me feel worse. This is what came to me. And it has helped me… (that is the why)

Within us, around us, surrounding us, we are all beings. 
We all live on this earth, whether it be on land, in water or in the sky.
We balance each other out.
Nature takes care of its own.
If a species is meant to fail, nature will take care of it.
It is not up to one species alone to make that decision.

This planet we live on is circular, not square
We’re all bubbles, balancing each other out.
And we are all here for a reason.
I don’t think that the reason we are here is to live at right angles to each other.
No matter where we happen to reside, I think we all need to balance each other out…
(and that is the what…)

I am for love and forgiveness, living united.
I am not for hate and revenge, divided.
I am not apart of many.
I am a part of many.

Vicki Ferrari
20th February 2014

Ex-Cyclone Dylan... the humidity in my loungeroom is up to 96%... when it reaches 100% do you think I might need to tempt bad luck and open  an umbrella inside? ;)

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