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Ever wanted to run complex computation in #LXD containers making use of your GPU? Well, LXD supports GPU passthrough and I just published a blog post on how to use it with NVidia CUDA.

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LXD 2.12 has been released!

It's mostly a bugfix release with a few minor improvements:
- "lxd init" now supports all our storage drivers
- "lxc exec" got a few more command line arguments to make it a bit closer to ssh

The Ubuntu package (17.04) and snaps (candidate) are both available with backports coming soon.


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I was invited on +Ubuntu OnAir earlier today to talk about LXD and the LXD snap.

This includes an intro to LXD, demo of the LXD deb on Ubuntu 16.04, the LXD snap on Ubuntu 16.04 and goes through some of the most useful LXD features.

Even includes a brief demo of the newly released lxd-demo-server at the end!

#LXD 2.11 has been released!

This includes a number of storage related bugfixes and a few minor features:
- Direct attach to a VLAN ID when using a macvlan device
- Improved help messages and "lxc manpage" command to generate manpages
- New "aliases" field in the API when creating a new image

LXD 2.11 is available as a snap in the candidate channel and it's also been uploaded to the Ubuntu Archive (currently going through tests).


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Just blogged on the #LXD demo server, the infrastructure behind it and how to setup your own.

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Just released #LXD 2.10!

This is mostly a bugfix release with a few storage and "lxd init" improvements.

Snap is available in candidate channel and Ubuntu package should be available shortly.


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Finally wrote the last post in the #LXD 2.0 blog post series!
This one is on debugging and contributing to LXD.

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#LXD 2.9 has been released!

Shortly followed by LXD 2.9.1 to fix a couple of regressions that we missed in testing.

The main feature of this release is the storage management API. This lets you define multiple storage pools for use by your containers and additional storage volumes.

We've been working on this feature for a few months now and are happy to finally have it ship in a LXD release!

LXD will automatically convert existing installations to the new storage pool system without even interrupting your running containers.


PS: snap is available in candidate channel for now, Ubuntu packages have been uploaded and should be available once all Ubuntu CI tests pass.

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If anyone I know speaks Dutch, German, Greek, Japanese or Russian and has a few minutes, we have several "suggested" translated strings for LXD that could do with a review and if good, a positive vote to make them official.

No need for registration, you can simply login with an existing Google, Github, ... account.
Then click on the number of suggestions for the language you speak and go through them. There will be voting buttons at the bottom of the page.

Any suggestion that's got two positive votes is automatically included in the translation and will be in the next LXD release.

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Running a LXD server on Linux but using something else on your laptop or desktop? Not a problem, you can build the LXD client for Windows and MacOS too!
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