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i was in a 2v4 match in splatoon 2 earlier and the saddest thing about all of it was that my only other teammate was actually trying to win the whole time

i just squid partied with some members of the opposing team becaude i knew i'd lose but my teammate was actually trying and it was so sad to see him constantly die from the other team like i just felt bad

uh, go team socks for splatfest

hey people around me please stop cracking your thumbs or basically any part of your body constantly that noise makes me very uncomfortable

hey i have a tip

if you're gonna make a video on something then don't waste like 2 minutes trying to explain the very basis of what you're talking about because like 97% of the people watching will already know

seriously i remember watching some guy talking about shiny pokemon and he took like 2 minutes explaining what pokemon is "to those who don't know"

he rambled on about how kids shouldn't go out on a journey or whatever and it was so boring

and then on top of that he didn't even like do the math correctly or anything

yeah that was a really boring video

not getting notified on people commenting on your posts

that's the google+ experience

have you ever done work that was so easy and simple you just told yourself "no this can't be it" and then think it's a more complex thing than it is and just end up writing a complicated answer and entirely miss the point and end up failing it

crunchy peanut butter

pink furretttt

excuse me phone but i believe that when you're charging, your battery level is supposed to go up, not decrease

seriously i charged my phone this morning when it was completely turned off and it decreased in power why

i had to go to school today without my phone and that sounds fine but i have absolutely nothing to do in the bus on the way to school and back home because i have no friends, i could do absolutely nothing in breaks either and at lunch because again no friends

and also i couldn't listen to music which i do all the time


what's the point
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