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Our new 2015 journal covers are ready, this year we are looking at personal resilience and have five beautiful designs to chose from that promote our theme to teenagers

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Castleknock Community College website goes live!

Carmel O'Neill (Deputy Principal) share some key insights with us about how to plan and execute a strategy for a really great school website. Read the full article at the link below.

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Everyone remembers their first day. For some it is a positive, exciting experience, for others it can be little daunting, a big adjustment. We have just finished working on the 2013/2014 edition of the Belonging Plus workbook for the first year students in Gorey Community School in Wexford. Gorey CS is the largest school in the country, with well over 1,000 pupils. The staff working at the school recognise that new first years can be intimidated by such a huge change. Every parent knows that the adjustment from primary to secondary school is a big step in their child's education and Gorey CS aims to make this transition as easy as possible. The staff have worked with the National Behaviour Support Service (NBSS) to develop and deliver a programme tailored to their incoming students. got involved with the project last year when the school approached us about designing and printing the materials for the Belonging Plus programme. We were very excited about the project and worked closely with the staff in the school to get the balance right. This year we worked with the school again, adding more content and streamlining the design of the booklets until everyone was pleased with the results.

The booklet, a full-colour production, is personalised with the school's name and crest. The bright, colourful cover has space for the pupil to write their name and their class group. Inside, the content is broken down into modules which address some of the main challenges of starting secondary school. The individual and group-based activities offer new pupils a solid introduction to life at Gorey CS. Working in class groups, the booklets set the students up with the school-specific information they need (lockers, staff lists, etc.) but also cover the basics of being a teenager, like making new friends, diet, exercise and how to deal with bullying.

We also produced a poster for the school to re inforce a key point from one of the modules in the booklet. The poster reminds students about the work they have done on making choices and offers them a framework to consider the outcomes, positive and negative, of any choice they will make.

"The Belonging Plus Programme dramaticlaly reduces anxiety and behavioural issues for incoming first years." - Nuala Dunne, Belonging Plus Co-Ordinator, Gorey Community School

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The theme for our 2013/2014 student journals is numeracy. This year, students will find some maths and logic teasers in their journals. These are designed to challenge students, while developing their maths skills as they solve them. If they prove too difficult, don't worry – help is at hand. We have illustrated the methods to solve all of the problems. These step-by-step, colour-coded solutions clearly show how to solve each question; in some cases we even demonstrate two different ways to solve the same problem!

We also have a section on Mental Maths inside our student journals. This highlights the importance of being able to make quick calculations in your head and points students to an excellent resource we have put together. On our Mental Maths page you will find a collection of very useful videos which demonstrate some surprisingly easy maths tricks that make mental addition, subtraction and multiplication a breeze!

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So popular it has sold out!

The English language version of our primary homework diary has been so popular this year we are completely sold out. The Irish language version is still available through our website.

We have an alternative paperback version for anyone still looking for an English language homework diary - it's available for just €1.99

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On-time again!

Our customers are happy with our on-time delivery for another year running. Over the last two weeks, homework journals were delivered to schools all over the country ahead of the 2013/14 academic year. We have had some very positive feedback already and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support.

“The journals are great, we’re really happy with them. So thanks a mil for all your hard work and patience.”

 - Coláiste Bríde, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

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Many parents are now looking for the Mata Meabhrach series of workbooks which can be ordered online at
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