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Janet Harriett
Editor, writer and penguin lover
Editor, writer and penguin lover

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I'm looking at my 2012 con options, budget and time away from clients. The hard reality is that I'm going to have to choose between Readercon and the GenCon writer symposium. Trying to do both is a little optimistic, especially since my husband and I decided we'd like to take a real (i.e. not connected to either of our careers) vacation for the first time in six years. I've this would be my first year for either con. If you've been to one or both, which would you recommend?

This weekend, apropos of nothing, I got to thinking about how the available writing substrate influences the shape of letters when a culture first develops written language.

I'm contemplating whether to make the Index of Improbable Injuries an official part of my website's About Me page. I added another entry today after being reminded the hard way (i.e. by landing not-feet-first in gravel) that the last time I tried to jump from a swingset, I didn't have hips to get caught in the chains. Trying to decide if formalizing that, along with the knitting accident and a few other choice examples of klutziness, as a bio component is quirky personal touch or oversharing.

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The first in my new blog series for Apex Books is up. I'll be going through the Apex back catalog, one book a month, to give entry-level minions a look at which book to start their own Apex adventure with. More about the project on my own blog when I get it written.

The writer hangout was fun and productive. I'll have to do that again. Multi-way video chat is definitely cool.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this Google+ thing.
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