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ATL Technology
Global Electromechanical Contract Manufacturer headquartered in the United States.
Global Electromechanical Contract Manufacturer headquartered in the United States.

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ATL Technology Appoints New Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Join ATL Technology at AMCON Salt Lake City, held at the Salt Palace Convention Center, October 27th-28th. Visit us at booth #317!

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ATL Technology is proud to be a sponsor of this year's MPO Summit in Park City, UT. Join us Sept 29th-30th at the Stein Eriksen Lodge - Deer Valley.  For more information, visit

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SPRINGVILLE, UT, June 26, 2015 -- ATL Technology, LLC, a top provider of electromechanical contract manufacturing of assemblies and devices with specialties in single use solutions, headquartered in Springville, Utah, has announced the acquisition of MedConx, Inc. (a California corporation with locations in Santa Clara, CA, and San Jose, Costa Rica).

This acquisition will incorporate MedConx’s manufacturing facility in Costa Rica with ATL Technology’s existing facility in Costa Rica, resulting in expanded operational capabilities and increased capacity. The facility is ISO 13485:2003 certified and joins ATL’s existing facilities in China and the USA. 

ATL’s Costa Rican operations include distribution and engineering. The collocated MedConx facility adds manufacturing. “The MedConx acquisition allows us to provide an increased level of service by adding manufacturing to our current solutions for engineering and logistics in the region,” says Brad Brown, CEO and founder of ATL Technology. “This combination creates a strong and balanced operation and is a tremendous benefit to the medical device industry in Costa Rica and North America.”   

Along with the geographic and operational advantages of this acquisition, customers will benefit from the inclusion of MedConx’s proprietary Smart Technology™ into ATL’s product and service offerings. Patented technology gained from the acquisition will foster ATL’s ability to develop innovative solutions for its medical device customers.  New additions to the ATL portfolio include the Smart Block™ connector family of products and mechanical use-limiting technology.

This acquisition capitalizes on the key strengths of both companies, according to Brown. He concludes, “Bringing MedConx into the ATL Technology family provides customers products and capabilities that complement each other with solid operational support behind them. It’s a perfect fit.”

About ATL Technology

ATL Technology is a vertically integrated electromechanical contract manufacturer, specializing in high quality, cost effective, engineered solutions. ATL focuses in four main vertical markets: Medical, Automotive, Industrial, and Consumer Electronics.  Headquartered in Springville, Utah, ATL Technology has delivered end-to-end inter-connect solutions for over 20 years. With manufacturing facilities in Costa Rica, China, and the USA, as well as a broad portfolio of capabilities, ATL is your strategic partner for custom electrosurgical equipment manufacturing.  ATL is certified ISO 13485:2003, 9001:2008, and is FDA registered.

For more information, visit or call 801-489-9100. 

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We are on the search for a marketing manager. Take a look at our current career opportunities! 

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Please join us at upcoming trade shows! #atltechnology #electromechanicalcontractmanufacturer #problemsolvers

This is the business that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, signed March 23, 2010) unintentionally helped build. It’s not on Main Street USA, it’s in China. And its success is due in part to the 2.3% excise tax on manufacturers of medical devises sold in the USA.

I am an entrepreneur and business owner. I have had operations in Asia since 1994, building my first factory there in 1996. Recently the business expanded into a new 280,000 square feet facility from 140,000 square feet in order to accommodate all the business that the 2.3% tax has helped push our way.

How did this happen? Through the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, legislators unintentionally engineered the destruction of one of the United States’ last great exports and manufacturing sectors. The law includes a provision for a 2.3% tax to REVENUE of manufacturers on all medical devices sold in the USA. This tax goes into effect in January of 2013. For comparison, you should note that a 2.3% tax on gross revenue is equivalent to a 23% income tax on a company making a 10% net profit. Also, the Government will still be collecting normal corporate income tax - this 2.3% revenue tax is in addition to the standard taxes all companies pay.

As an entrepreneur who has made a living producing goods overseas for all kinds of high-tech companies, this has become an unexpected windfall. But for my industry and manufacturing in the USA, it is bad news. You might ask why I would complain about the windfall I am currently enjoying? The reason is that this harmful tax is driving jobs and manufacturing overseas. I also happen to be a proud AMERICAN. As an American, I am extremely frustrated that this tax is going to have such a detrimental effect on US jobs, as well as the US economy overall. The gravity of this cannot be underestimated. 

Let me walk you through why this tax as part of the health care law, will cause this inevitable result. By moving their manufacturing offshore companies cover some of the cost of this onerous tax and avoid costly compliance on their product sold outside the USA. I have personally witnessed in the last three years in my own customer base more than 7800 jobs in the medical device industry move outside the USA. The sad reality is that it’s not just manufacturing jobs that will be taken offshore. History shows us, as happened when the high-tech industry moved manufacturing offshore, the design, engineering, and management jobs will follow within a few years. Thousands of small device companies will simply fail. Initially 50,000 to 80,000 jobs will be lost but then this will become hundreds of thousands of American jobs as it affects the design, engineering and supply base. It will be difficult to reverse this trend because it has already begun. 

We all had high hopes for this country to recover from this down turn and for manufacturing businesses to prosper in this country. From the once great industry that my company serves, whose aim is to provide hope to medical patients all around the world through new, innovative technology, their main focus now has become how can I find a new job after my medical device company moves its manufacturing offshore.” The fundamental change has been from the perspective that this industry would never manufacture medical devises outside the USA to one where it would never consider manufacturing them in the USA. 

Let me give you an example. I serve a small medical device company in California that used to do all their manufacturing in the USA. Last year they had about 30 million dollars revenue and made about $900,000 dollars in profit. That profit translates to investment in new jobs, and new, innovative technologies. Fast forward to 2013 with the addition of the new 2.3% Revenue tax their profit will be only about $200,000 dollars. This new tax would require them to pay $690,000 on top of the other normal tax. Ouch! That is a 77% tax on their profit. The result: They have moved their manufacturing outside the USA to make up some of the cost this tax imposed, causing the loss of over 60 US jobs.

This country needs to be friendly to the manufacturing sector with incentives to build it in the USA, not export the business off-shore. We need policies to re-shore manufacturing business in this country, not the opposite. We need to rally congress and the president, and bipartisan support as a country and individually, to ensure that these types of misguided and anti manufacturing policies are removed and not allowed to be put in place. 

There is a lot that needs to be done but you can help asking your senator to support Senator Klobuchar and the other senators that have signed on to delay the implementation of the 2.3% excise tax on medical devices and finally repeal it next year. As a proud American, I beg this of you, at personal cost, because it is the right thing to do.

Brad Brown

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