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I can easily see this becoming an addiction and me getting little else done! As I've said I LOVE audiobooks!! So whats next??

I have chosen One Plus One by JoJo Moyes! I'm really excited about this one as well!! Again until I return, happy happy listening!


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The Bhagavad Gita

Let me start by saying I give this book 5 stars across the board! Beautifully written and narrated, I especially loved the explanations at the beginning and prior to each chapter. This should be mandatory listening material!

I was literally blown away by the beauty of this book! But The Bhagavad Gita hardly needs me to praise it depths as it speaks for itself.

The narration was perfect, easy to listen to and understand and it didn't put me to sleep like many texts of this type might. In fact I was enthralled and couldnt stop listening!

I can see myself returning to listen to these texts again and again in the future. Its rare that I walk away feeling like a better person just from having this experience but thats the only way I describe it. 

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Ok well, so I suppose this is a blog of sorts, or at least this is where Google lovingly dropped me..
Let me start by explaining what I intend to do here and give you a brief history..

About 3 years ago I started recording audiobook erotica for a company that I'll forever cherish.. Shout out to Lyrical Lip Sevice! Without LLS I most certainly would not be where I am today! I recorded between 600-800 titles for LLS and of course loved my job very much!
I started my own company in March of 2013 and started very slow still producing full time for LLS but then in Oct of 2014 I felt strongly pulled to step up my game. I didnt know why but all the pieces just fell into place and at the end of October I took on a project and literally put my ass on the line!
My now amazing partner was very skeptical in the beginning. He had been approached about having his books put into audio format but really wanted nothing to do with it. How I changed his mind and managed to convince him with nothing more than a lick and a promise I'll never know!! But I'm eternally grateful that he gave me a chance! (He was not an easy sell)
So here we are almost six months later!! Yay! Well two months ago we had our first title reach best seller status in Erotica on Audible! This was huge!! We did a happy dance and cheered and expected it to stay there a few days and then drop back off! It didnt! In fact it went all the way to number ONE! We cheered again and did a happy dance and expected it to last a little while and then drop off! It hasn't!
Today over a month later we still toggle between 2nd and 5th in the Erotica best sellers and we aren't complaining one bit! And we've had 3 more titles join the best sellers list as well giving us 4 current erotica best seller titles!!

So why am I here? I read erotica all day almost every day and write it as well!! This blog is going to be about something different!

I decided I wanted to do an audiobook blog but hmmm how to choose? Lets face it there are some crazy good audiobooks out there and don't even get me started on my favorites we'll be here all night!

Well, I decided to do something a little different! Using the "Discover" option in my Audible App I chose Best Sellers! This is in all catagories! Then I scrolled down until I found "Erotic Passions" which was our first title to make the best sellers list! Over the past week I've been doing this and I've been blown away by some of the titles surrounding mine! So tonight I had the idea that I would start picking one of them.. Two above or two below my book, buy and listen to, and review it! What a fun and personalized way to broaden my horizons and let fate help me pick! Besides, I've always found when I let the book come to me, I'm often pleasantly surprised!

So to begin with I've chosen "The Bhagavad Gita"

When I finish listening to it I'll be back to write my review and pick again! Until then... Happy listening!!

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