Ducks of two cities...
2 cities in China are most famous for like to eat ducks: Beijing and Nanjing.

It is interesting because Beijing is the capital of modern China, located in north part; and Nanjing is the capital of ancient China, located in south part.

The most famous duck dish in Beijing is
[北京烤鸭] - Roast duck, Beijing Style

and the most famous duck dish in Nanjing is
[桂花鸭] - Osman-thus salted duck

So what is the difference between a Beijing duck and a Nanjing duck?

I am actually surprised to see that there is a clear answer to it: most Beijing people only order Roast duck and eat in restaurants, and most Nanjing people only order salted duck for take-out to eat at home meal.

The price for Beijing roast duck is usually 68RMB or above, while the price for Nanjing salted duck is usually below 20RMB.

It is interesting to notice that how ducks are treated very differently even in one country...

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