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I am kitty and I approve of this message.
I am kitty and I approve of this message.

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Isn't Trump's behavior just typical domesticated primate alpha male predator band leader behavior?

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Here is a picture of a cat wearing a fez. #Barcelona

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When the Tarot starts reading you (Tarot Blog Hop)
Previous / Master List / Next Welcome to the August edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. The theme for this particular Hop is Respecting the Divinationary Arts. When I was a kid, my Wiccan aunt gave my mother a Magic Eight Ball. Now for most people, a Magic Eight...

Do I feel up to hacking out a newsletter column, or do I work on NovelRama, or do I just watch the Fifth Element?

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According to Blogger, this is now my sixth most read post. sigh

Want to do the August 1st Tarot Blog Hop #tarotbloghop with us? Just one more week to join.

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No longer accepting custom orders on Etsy
So I am no longer accepting custom orders on my Etsy websites. If you already got your order in and spoke to me, you are fine. I got swamped with orders and am working on those with about 4 weeks until teachers return to work. Also, when I say that I am no ...

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Chaos magicians say VERB Trump and his magical defender
This has been a "I know better than read anything about the bestest ever Golden Dawn leader, ascension coach, and super sexy David Griffin" type of week--and yes, the writing has suffered for it. Yes, I wasted more hours than I am willing to admit to, watch...

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For your witchy convenience
Black cats, poppets, seven plus one packs of candles, cauldrons... We accept galleons, sickles, knuts, and MasterWitch (tm.)... Please make your selection... A witchy vending machine. Image: The inside of a vending machine with black cats, President Donald ...

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Journalists are not targets
"I would never encourage violence towards journalists." wink wink Just ignore what I actually post and say. Picture: American's Troll-in-Chief, President Donald J. "Jesus" Trump stands in front of a bull's eye labelled FNN (Fake [Fraud] News Network--to...
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