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Geneviève Bouchard
✌Lifestyle Blogger & Etsy Shop Owner 🎈 Graphic Designer | Lover of Stripes, Cats & Plants 🌎 Montréal | |
✌Lifestyle Blogger & Etsy Shop Owner 🎈 Graphic Designer | Lover of Stripes, Cats & Plants 🌎 Montréal | |

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4 Beauty Products Reviewed
I had that blog post ready for over a month now, but kinda forgot about it. In the last couple months I've really been focusing on “real life” stuff. I was so behind on keeping my apartment looking good and had many other random appointments to take care of...

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The Gendots Shop!
Hey! Hi! How are you? I am very excited today as I am starting a new project I’ve been working on for months! I’m opening an Etsy Shop where I am selling logos and printables (and planning to add more diversity later. I’m working on a few blog templates at ...

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Refreshing Raspberry-Citrus Cocktail
I don't know about you, but I’m crossing my finger for summer to be here as soon as possible. This winter was a really unusual one where I was feeling unmotivated about pretty much everything. Now that we just turned the page on march I’m definitely ready t...

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Mediterranean Herbs Popcorn
I love love love late night snacks. I should not, but I do. Give me chips, I don’t care about my diet, just give me a bag of chips (link chips addict) and I’ll eat it all tonight. At least that’s what usually think at the moment. The next day I’m not so pro...

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3 Thing I'm Loving Right Now
It's been a long time since I've done some sort of favorite post so I thought it was time to share a few things I'm loving right now. I'm keeping it simple, only three items. One make up, one skincare and one thing to eat. I could argue I'm trying to be a m...

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Healthy meals to try next week
I don’t know about you, but my I’m on an endless journey to be healthier. I always want to eat better but always end up having frozen pizza for diner. I have to thank my boyfriend for that. He doesn't understand. He doesn't gain weight, at all, ever so he d...

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Bedroom Mood Board
I’ve been decorating my bedroom lately and one big thing that has been helping me in this process in creating a mood board. Well, sort of. More like a Pinterest board with rooms I like to draw inspiration from. I started with one focus, I wanted it to be li...

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Hot Cider Recipe
Hey there! How’s your weekend’s going? I’m here drinking some hot cider, so I’m doing pretty good. And I got a new computer, it’s working, and I can work on all the projects I had in my mind, so I’m actually doing great!  I feel like it’s the end of a night...

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Lancôme Grandiôse Eyeliner & Mascara Review
I feel like every post I’ve started over the last months (like… both of them) I’ve been saying how long it’s been since the last time I’ve blog. And it’s still the case. Kinda don’t know how to start this thing. I’ve been having major computer issues. And a...

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5 things to do in 2017
New year, new me! That’s what everybody are saying at the beginning of each year, right? And then we all end up dropping our resolutions after a few weeks. Maybe we’re doing it wrong. Maybe we’re not setting the right goals. Let’s just all decide to be happ...
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