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Alan Tay
A Software Engineer who specializes in IT Security
A Software Engineer who specializes in IT Security

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Trello is one of my most preferred collaboration tool as mentioned in my best project management tools post.

Due to it’s flexibility, you can also turn this collaboration tool into a simple project management software to help you in managing smaller projects.

I had used it to manage my personal life, my blogging road map and very small projects.

Here, I would like to demonstrate how you can use Trello as well as a simple project management software.

I’ll demonstrate by showing examples below:

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Personally, I don’t work in a very restricted working environment where I am free to use any kind of tools as long as I get my jobs done.

Therefore, I had explored quite a number of tools in my project manager career path and would like to do a dump into this post in a structured manner.

Here is how this post is being structured:

I will be listing 35 best project management tools here structuring them into 15 different categories.

In each category, I will sort the tools from top to bottom based on my personal preference from most preferred to least preferred.

On top of that, I will also try to include at least one FREE tool that you can use from each category.


Here we go.

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Having a lot of fun with these tools

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What does a project manager do?

Barking like a dog at team members when jobs not done?

Boss around the project, not doing anything but just looking at team members  to see how they suck?

I completely disagree with that.

The role of project manager is to integrate all the project components in the 5 phases of project management which are initialization, planning, execution, monitoring & controlling and closure that will eventually drive the project into success.

The project components which I mentioned above are the 10 knowledge areas from PMI project management framework:

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This is completely for engineers that has project management career plan.

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Project manager deal with documentation most of the time.

In general, most people uses Microsoft Word as their main word processing software.

The main drawback is that this software is not Free and it works best on the Windows platform only leaving the other platforms:

Mac: will have to deal with the 2011 version which is 4 years back
Linux: better luck next time 😉
The fact is, you don’t have to pay to type and produce document in this new era.

There are good freeware and open source software which can really gives you a good solution without paying a dime.

Here, I’d like to present to you the top 10 alternatives to Microsoft Word.

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I personally run 3 blogs where one of them is the one that you are reading currently.

The other two are my niche sites:

PMP Code – featuring my project management skills and knowledge.
Petrol Price Malaysia – featuring petrol price in Malaysia and has nothing about my talent and skills.
Out of the 3 blogs that I had mentioned, I’d like to share a case study of mine on how I nailed 3,368 unique visitors in just one day into my site without any link building.

In addition to that, that particular site is new and it does not have any relevant backlinks pointing to it.

Therefore, you must be wondering what kind of contents or backlinks or source of traffic which I use to get such an amount of traffic.
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