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How old are you, really?
I love
writing about the things that age us – and those that keep us young. And last
week, doing just this, I came across a brilliant little quiz from the BBC’s HowTo Stay Young – it took about 3 minutes to complete, and told me I am
biologically 20 years y...
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War on wheat
So this is
what happens when you take your eye off the ball. Or, as I did, your feet off
the scales. I stopped stepping on them (that should have been a cause for
concern in the first place). And when I next did, I’d gained 1.5kg! And now
it’s 1.8! So where...
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Zen and the art of soup making
Long time,
no posts – sorry about that. But one thing I have stuck to is the weight loss
regime. It’s amazing how much difference getting on the scales every day makes,
even when I seem to be doing little else to alter my weight. OK – let you in on
a secret...
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Diet hard
Everyone I
know of my age is trying to lose a bit of weight. And, if they’re not, they
probably should be. I was
shocked into my latest regime after spending two days in a bijou Seville
apartment with a mirror lined bathroom. When I told my friend and her d...
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More Happy Health Writer musings
Read more musings from the Happy Health Writer on my other blog at
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Good egg!
“Botox in
a bottle”, “stem cells in a capsule”, “happy tablets”… when health supplements
make these kind of claims my first thoughts are usually, “yeah, yeah, yeah” and
“blah, blah, blah”… As a health writer, I’ve heard it all before. And usually
this lates...
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Would I like to take a statin? No thank you
I recently had a routine heart health screening – the kind you get when
you’re of a certain age – which concluded that I have a 13% risk of a heart
attack in the next 10 years. (Or, the way I view risk, an 87% chance of NOT
having a heart attack in the next...
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A stone is a lot of weight to lose…
We’re supposed not to gain more than a stone over our first adult weight…
So, at two stone higher than the weight I was up to the age of 35, I now have a
stone to lose… Having gained two stone in the last talkamongstyourselves years is not that surprising w...
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