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Left brained geek, in love with fashion, art, music and photography. Firm believer in the freedom of choice and true equality. On a life long pursuit to find mouse flavored cat food. 

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Alvin Toro

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When was the last time you registered an image? 
[Okay, Google+ community. Time for a call to action! # #justice4jess ]

This is egregious. Support fellow artist Jessica Nichols in her fight against an arrogant abuse of power by a notable fashion designer, Chris Benz, who stole Jessica's photograph and used it unabashedly throughout his spring line, as well as with corporate partnership products. Chris Benz still refuses to acknowledge his theft, credit Jessica, or compensate her.

Time to take to social media and raise the heat on Chris by spreading the word about his theft, and flooding his and his corporate partners' social media pages with messages urging him to give Jessica proper credit and compensation! (Google+ photographers and other media artists, let's activate your communities and create a wave of support for Jessica! This could be you one day! Let's stick up for the little guy!) Please spread far and wide and fast so we can amplify the signal and show him the power of social media.

If you want to put pressure on Chris and let him know you stand with Jessica and won't let him get away with it, he's now disabled people posting on his Facebook wall, but you can blast his own posts with comments, showing your support for Jessica and asking him to properly credit and compensate her. You can and should also put the pressure on his corporate partners, Lancôme and Saks.

Here's what Jessica wrote in her latest update (see:

You can let them know what you think on Facebook:

Chris Benz,  9,100+ likes:

Lancôme US, 3.3M+ likes:

Saks Fifth Avenue, 383,000+ likes:

Please note that Mr. Benz has turned off the "posts by others" functionality on his page since my story came out. Many people have left comments on the November 12th post that appears on his wall. Please add to the conversation.  Please tag Sweet Eventide so I can share.

You can also let them know what you think on Twitter:

Chris Benz,  113,000+ followers: j4j-cbt

Lancôme, 137,000+ followers:

Saks, 133,000+ followers:

Please use the hashtag #justice4jess so the tweets can be retweeted. 

Here's what I wrote on his Facebook:

"If you think your community of fellow artists who support and admire you will continue to do so as publicity grows about this and your are exposed as a thief of someone else's art--exploiting her work for your own financial profits--you are about to crash hard. Brands won't want to touch you with a ten-foot-poll for fear of bad publicity and major lawsuits, fellow artists will snub you and shut you out, and your fans will turn their backs.

"Stealing another artist's work without due credit is the highest sin in the creative community. It's nearly unforgivable, but it's not too late. Do the right thing. Give Jessica Nichols her due credit and proper compensation.

"You can even have your PR team spin it as you leading the way in a new era of digital media--your case as a prime example of how work can so easily be borrowed in our online world, what a widespread and terrible issue it is, and the way as a fellow artist, you knew you wanted to set things right and show how these things should be handled because you believe that all artists should be properly credited and compensated for their work. Look at that: you come out looking like a hero!"'

Ready? Set? Go, noodles! Go! :D
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Alvin Toro

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Two words: Jesus Diaz Sorriest excuse of blogger the internet's ever seen.
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Removing +Gizmodo from my Google Reader feed was the best change. It's like a breath of fresh air.
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Alvin Toro

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Suoi Voi 

Da Nang, Vietnam for +Eric Leslie  #waterfallwednesday  
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wow... whatta shot 
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Alvin Toro

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What better way to spend #election2012  than on a deserted island with internet access and a camera?

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I think I'm drooling a little... Enticing and enchanting image!
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Alvin Toro

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Ground Zero Falls

World Trade Center Construction site via Robby Cortes

#hurricanesandy   #ihopetheygotfloodinsurance  
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Alvin Toro

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Tracking #hurricanesandy  like a boss...

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Brad T
I have an idea who this might be. 
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Alvin Toro

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Sheisa Blasini 

from my Fashion Week #portrait  series

for #womanwednesday  by +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie +Teresa Stover +Kerry Murphy 
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Alvin Toro

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Bhumibol Bridge - Bangkok Thailand

for #bridgesovertuesday  by +Steve Boyko & +Clare Bambers 
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Thank you +Annette Junge Daugaard , +Clare Bambers your very welcome +Clare Bambers . This one shot hand held from a boat on the river. Will definitely try to post more to your theme next week.
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Alvin Toro

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Alvin Toro

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i like this! good costumes
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Alvin Toro

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Meanwhile at Haboken Station

#hurricanesandy   #thisreallysucks  
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Will the water kill some rats??
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Alvin Toro

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Thanks for sharing with Moody Monday!
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