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Does anyone else experience Safari downloading a quarter of the way, then hanging for about 30 seconds before it finishes? Doesn't happen in Chrome ...

Allison, kudos on your recent article in SCO Monthly regarding troubleshooting. As fate would have it, I was having buffering issues with my 3rd Gen TV. I do my usual trolling to find solutions but having the solution within your article saved me loads of time Thanks!

My MBA is gong completely flaky (i.e., randomly ejecting external drives on its own!). Let's start with one disaster at a time. For no apparent reason, my MBA calendar refuses to sync with my iPhone 6S. Any ideas?

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Necropolis / Ölüşehir...
Hierapolis - Pamukkale
Denizli - Türkiye

Necropolis means cemetery. In Greek language it means city of dead. Necro: Dead, polis: City. Necropolis is a large burial site generally it was located outside the settlement.

Hierapolis cemetery is one of the widest cemeteries in Anatolia. It has three different parts, north, south and west. The north one is the largest one in Hierapolis with more than 1200 graves. Graves in Hierapolis necropolis have suitability for the social class of the dead. 
There are 4 different types of graves here and belong to the late Hellenistic, Roman and Eastern Roman periods. Hierapolis was not very big settlement in itself but it has huge necropolis lands because it was a holy city and old people used to come to benefit from the thermal baths and spend their last days here and many of them died and buried here.
In addition some people who lived nearby were also buried here on their own wishes.

Happy Happy to all!

I have found a new obsession. I used to watch Don's tutorials and scour his menu bar looking for what apps he was using. Now, I find myself checking out his media library to see which albums that I have and which ones I'd like to get.

(I really do need to get a hobby, I guess.)

Strange. Updated iPhone 5C and iPad Mini Retina to iOS 8. Upgraded Apple TV to OS 7.0. I can only control the Apple TV with my iPad and not my iPhone! Strange …

Just watched PT. 1 of WP app for iOS. Made me realize that I've only used WP iOS app on my iPhone to check stats and notifications. I'll have to give it a bash on the iPad.

Thanks, Don.

As impressive as Hyperlapse, I fail to see what void it fills. It appears more a novelty than anything else.

My $.02USD.

Half of my .FLAC files (and their backups) have corrupted. Any way to fix this?
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