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I did one more for Wife; this is on the back of the table flipping pumpkin.

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This year's pumpkining
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My voice is sore.

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Huntsman was yesterday. Though I lacked training due to weather and work, I made it 75 miles and didn't die. #huntsman140

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40 liters of root beer in my fridge makes me happy. 

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I made a crackle bomb for Pioneer Day. Now you can enjoy it, too. 
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#6OremOafs - I like it.

TL;DR: Orem's city council screwed up and now other cities will get the benefit of the Macquarie deal while we sit by and try hopelessly to pay back the bonds. Yay!

I know I don't have a lot of influence around, but some of you do, so let's try to get this going around. Please reshare!
Alright +City of Orem Government, we can't have nice things (UTOPIA) because that's "an unfair tax" on the people. I'd like to hear the plan you've got for making it fair that I've been paying taxes towards bonds that pay for that service for years now, without being able to utilize it.

You (Orem City) and Utopia have mismanaged what should have been an amazing benefit and service to our city for nearly 10 years now. It should be your responsibility to make right on this, and yet, the first chance that comes along to redeem the debacle, and we vote it down 6 to 1? That's not okay. The only thing that makes this worse is that not a one of the people that cast a 'nay' vote has a better plan for how we proceed. (If they do, they certainly haven't made inroads to pursue it, and I dare them to produce their plan here and now.)

So where do we go now? How do we make things 'fair' (since that seemed to be the big concern with moving forward with Macquarie) to the thousands of us who have been patiently paying for our bond debt awaiting the chance to embrace the future and get a fiber hook up? How does the city repay the estimated $5000 that my property stood to increase in value as a result of having that fiber hookup? At the end of the day, how do we get to the end of this with a fully built out municipal network that all citizens can utilize? It's only fair that we get what we've been (and will continue) paying for after all.

To those of you reading this who are also Orem city residents, I want to recommend that we start a campaign to demand answers. Re-share this, or ask for yourself; what is Orem city's plan to move forward now that we've spit in the eye of the best deal going?

To those of you who are not Orem city residents, but who are citizens in Utopia member cities, I ask that you do the same. 6 short sighted individuals have jeopardized the future of internet connectivity for all of us along the Wasatch Front who are potential beneficiaries in a fiber future (Orem accounted for 22% of the Macquarie deal, and has likely shut it down as a result of their vote.) We should not let them do this without consequence, and we should demand that they provide answers for having made their decision.

On the flip side of this, we should applaud and support Margaret Black for being the only council member with enough sense to see through to doing the right thing. She's got my vote going forward should she pursue further office, and she ought to have yours as well.

I'd like to have a hash tag to go with this movement, I'm partial to #6OremOafs but that's perhaps a little harsh, so feel free to hit me up with something better if you have it.

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Been waiting all morning to share this!


Heart Attack in a Skillet

So a friend and I invented this in early 2007, and I've made it probably a hundred times since then, but have never shared the recipe for this amazing(ly unhealthy) #breakfast food. It bears some resemblance to a farmer's omelet, but is not nearly as good for you, and is twice as delicious! So here you go!

Stuff needed:
Suitable amounts of #bacon , ground sausage (I like the Italian and/or Maple flavors), eggs, grated #cheese (I like colby jack), butter, and maple syrup. For seasonings, gather up some salt, pepper, and a good heap of garlic. Optional ingredients include diced ham and tortillas.
 Those that are chefier than me are welcome to share other seasonings and ingredients that might make it more pleasing to yourself.

Construction steps:
1. Hand-shred the bacon into squarish chunks 'n drop it in the frying pan. You can cut it with kitchen scissors, too, but I feel more manly when I'm just ripping the bacon with my bare hands.
2. Start frying the bacon, much as if you were scrambling eggs or browning hamburger. If your bacon did not come pre-peppered, pepper it now. Also sprinkle a thin layer of garlic on it (most of it will cook off, but it sure smells nice).
3. Once the bacon is about 3/4 of the way cooked, drop a hefty chunk of sausage in there with it. Scramble the sausage and mix it together real nice. If you timed it right, the sausage and the bacon should finish cooking at nearly the same time. If your sausage is any good, you shouldn't need to put any seasoning on it
4. (Optional) If you're my mom, you can drain some of the extra bacon grease now. If you have the cubed ham, this is where you throw it in to the pan and toast it.
5. Get a tablespoon or two of butter (depending on how much Heart Attack you're making) and throw it in with everything else. Stir it around the other food and the bottom of the pan. The purpose of butter is two-fold: it coats the bacon/sausage combo in another delicious flavor, and it helps the eggs not stick to the pan.
6. Speaking of eggs, in they go! For a half pound of bacon and sausage each, I generally put between 6-8 eggs in. Just as you did with the bacon and sausage, scramble it all together. You'll definitely want to salt, pepper, and garlic the whole mixture to make sure the eggs are suitably seasoned.
Wife likes to add a bit of milk and cheese to the eggs before pouring them in, but I prefer without. Either way works, just do it how you like it.
7. After everything is finished cooking, you should have a hideous but wonderful-smelling amalgamation. Remove the frying pan from heat, but before it has a chance to cool, sprinkle your cheese onto it and fold it in.
Warning: Despite the natural law stating that there is no such thing as "too much cheese", I have found that the Heart Attack is exempt. More scientific investigation is required to fully explain this.
8. Next, and again while it's still hot, lightly drizzle some maple syrup across it (probably no more than you'd put on a single pancake). Some marvel or revile at the idea of syrup on all this stuff, but the syrup separates and leaves a slightly sugary and slightly mapley flavor on everything, and it's wonderful.
9. (Optional) Somewhere in the middle of it all, get your tortillas ready: put a few of them in between two damp paper towels and microwave for ~30s. Expert mode: Scoop all the food out of the frying pan and leave the greasy, wet remains. Warm your tortillas in the spoo for awesome flavor and terrible heart problems.
10. Wrap the Heart Attack up in a warm tortilla and consume immediately. If you've done it right, your tortilla will probably have some yellowish grease leaking from the bottom; this is normal and perfectly healthy; it's mostly sugar, water, and maybe a bit of butter runoff. If you didn't feel like tortillas today, eat the stuff straight off your plate with a fork; nobody will criticize you.

 The proper nomenclature is normally Heart Attack in a Skillet when eaten straight, and Heart Attack in a Tortilla when... well, you get the idea.

Thanks very much for reading! I welcome suggestions and improvements in the comments. Feel free to +1 and Share to anyone you want to give a Heart Attack to!

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I'm not much into the business side of things, but it seems that my workplace is hitting the global news!
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