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Can Missouri parents move out of the state after a divorce?
Read more to learn about the requirements for relocating out of the state with kids after a Missouri divorce. When people share custody of their children, they cannot just up and move out of the state. Rather, they must obtain permission from their child’s other parent and approval from the court, or an order for modification from the court.

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Separate vs Marital Property
Read this article to see how not all property is considered equal in a Missouri divorce. Find out the difference between marital and separate property, and how these differences are represented in the final divorce settlement. Understand how an attorney may help to point people in the right direction when it comes to dividing property in a divorce case.

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How to tell children about divorce
Check out this article about divorce and what strategies parents can use to make telling their children about their plans to end their marriage easier. For instance, parents may want to write out a script before starting the conversation. Parents who are worried about how much time they will have to spend with their children after their divorce is finalized may benefit from turning to an attorney for help.

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Co-parenting children during the school year
As kids are returning to #school for another year in the classroom, #parents can follow their lead and brush up on their co-parenting skills, to ensure a smooth transition to the new year. If you are a #divorced parent, you will not want to miss this article.
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