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Converer/verifier for lossless CD rips
Converer/verifier for lossless CD rips


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Good news: Musicbrainz update just rolled out, bringing a new source of coverart to CTDB:

If you have a Musicbrainz account, you can now scan and upload coverart for your CDs, and it will become available for those who use CUERipper or CTDB plugin for EAC.
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Beta-testing CUETools 2.1.4:

Many invisible small improvements and bug fixes, and one important change - CTDB 2.0 support. You will see a different CTDB verification log, will be able to verify/submit CDs with pregaps, etc (see my previous post). Also some improvements in CUERipper, including support for old Plextors, coverart and some configurable options.

CUETools will nag you about upgrade to 2.1.2 version, just ignore it. It will go away in a few days when this release is tested enough to be released to the public.
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CTDB 2.0 preparations are almost complete. It's main features are:
1) A new way of handling pregap (basically just ignoring it)
2) Support for larger correction files
3) Confidence values independent of AccurateRip
4) New simplified log format
5) Support for cover art retrieval

Below is the download link for new beta-version of EAC plugin. Keep in mind that the protocol might yet change before the final release, so this version might stop working and require upgrade.
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Thanks to koawmfot@HydrogenAudio, who kindly sent me a vintage Plextor PX-W1210A CD-drive, i found a problem that caused CUERipper to deadlock when using this drive (and probably some other drives like this).

So the next version should be able to support more drives.

Technical details for the curious: According to specification, SCSI MMC command READ CD (BEh) can return audio, C2 and subchannel data, depending on the specified flags. To detect gaps and indexes, CUERipper tries to read subchannel data using this command, asking the drive to return only the subchannel data. Plextor for some reason always wants to return audio data as well, even if the corresponding flag is not set, but CUERipper only provides a buffer large enough for subchannel data, and that's what was causing the deadlock.
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Version 2 of +CUETools DB protocol will be released soon. Support for CTDB in ExactAudioCopy drastically improved the database growth. In CTDB version 1, so called confidence values, which tell you how many people got the same result when ripping the same CD, consisted of AccurateRip confidence values at the moment of the first submission plus the number of CTDB submissions since then. In version 2 confidence values will only report the number of CTDB submissions, so CTDB will become completely independent of AccurateRip.

Another important change is that the database will accept larger correction files for popular CDs, so that it will be able to repair twice as many errors.

The third change is that CTDB will no longer include pregap. Pregap is usually a few seconds of silence before the first track. Most CDs don't have a pregap, but some very rare CDs have actual music content hidden before track one. The database will no longer be able to correct those hidden tracks, but on the upside it will be able to work with rips where pregap was lost (it usually is, when ripping in file-per-track mode).
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