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Because we all know deep down he is! #ManchurianCandidate #PutinsPuppy
Good site to keep track of Trump corruption.

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The CDC was regarded as the best data for data collection of deaths in the US because they use cause of death from the death certificates. The FBI statistics are voluntary by state. For example Alabama reported 1 murder which was a knife death for 2013. However, the CDC has been afraid to collect these statistics because their funding was yanked for a perception they were supporting gun control by a certain lobby. I'm not particularly gun nut either way, but the fact that we have a lobby group with enough power to threaten groups to censor whatever data they wish gives me a huge concern that we aren't using the truth, (aka accurate data) when talking with each other.

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Give this weeks Paris talks we should be looking at Thorium to replace and extend our nuclear footprint.  Key take aways:

1. 300x less radioactive material produced
2. More abundant and easier to mine than uranimum
3. Thorium only takes 300 years to be safe vs ~300,000 for Uranium
4. Can't create bombs from it.
5. No enrichment needed so trucking enriched stuff around isn't needed.
6. 1 Ton of material creates 1000 MW in a year of operation!  That is nothing.
7.  Most important ZERO CO2!

We need to develop this technology, and sell it to other countries as a basis for economic and foreign policy.  Think about how the Iran talks change if this technology is developed.

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What I like about this talk the most is the practicality of the suggestions.

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FINALLY!  I'm a lover of all things Android, but this is one thing the iPhone got right over Android's permission model.  Permission being asked for while you are doing an action.  I'm not doing much Android Dev right now, but this really makes things nicer for the user so they don't have to freak out that you're requesting 50 permissions because your app is highly integrated.  So Yay Android!
Building better apps with Runtime Permissions
Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduces runtime permissions, giving your app control over when and with what context you ask for dangerous permissions and making installing and updating your app even easier. With the help of our newly released permissions design guidelines, learn how runtime permissions work, the tools to integrate them into your app, and the best practices around building a great user experience. #BuildBetterApps

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Enjoy peeps. You can't do this shit on Facebook.

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Reading a report on Georgia hospitals I uncovered this little interesting fact:

"According to a report recently released by Harvard University, approximately one-half of all Americans who file for bankruptcy do so because of medical bills. Three-quarters of those patients had health insurance at the time of illness or injury.xxiv Of the 100 counties in the nation with the highest rates of bankruptcy, 45 are in Georgia."

This report was authored in 2009 so I bet with Obamacare this won't be true now.  Or I hope not.  The shocking thing is 75% of the bankruptcy that occurred because of medical costs HAD insurance! That really calls into question how well insurance is covering.  I also found this shocking information:

"At Northside Hospital, anesthesiology prices were inflated by 3,060 times over cost in 2005, from a total approximate cost of $463,061, to $14,167,361 in patient charges. At Northside Hospital-Cherokee, anesthesiology prices were inflated by 100,215 times over cost, from a total approximate cost of $3,134, to $3,140,731 in patient charges. Similar mark-ups occurred at Northside Hospital-Forsyth, which inflated anesthesiology prices by approximately 5,206 percent."

That might be why Anesthesiology practices are selling left and right to large corporations because they can't charge these outrageous markups.  Although I think the ability to innovate and have the option to create a small business even in the medical arena.  Any law that prevents that or encourages consolidation to stifle small business creation is a big problem for affordability.

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So Venus had water on it's surface right?  Well a long time ago it did.  Now it's over 900º F on the surface, but it had water.  So how do we know that?  Nobody was alive to see it.  The presence of Granite on Venus.  Granite requires water to form ergo water must've existed on Venus.  This information is old, but I thought it was really interesting how these startling discoveries have seemingly minor but logical facts behind them.

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Pretty interesting development.  Tall talk about this radically changing the industry.

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So the last recession was the worst since the Great Depression right?  I mean we've had a "jobless" recovery right?  It's 2015 and we're still talking about it.  The Great Recession was truly a once in a lifetime event right?  The Fed recently just said the economy isn't strong enough for them to raise the federal funds rate from zero.  I mean we really screwed the pooch, and it's proof as the Fed's response still over 5 years later.  After all it's taken unemployment rate to get to 5%-6% in 2015.   But if you look at the unemployment rates of the last 30 years we haven't had low unemployment since 1976.  The 1990s was a moderated period, but you can see a marked difference between pre-1976 and after 1976.  Just look at the 1983 unemployment rate was above 11% for longer than the Great Recession in 2009.  All through the 1980s it wasn't that strong from an employment perspective.  It looks like the 1983 recession didn't ever recover, and by 1992 we were back into another recession.  To me looking at this data 1983 recession was worse for unemployment than the Great Recession.

When politicians talk about the lack of a strong recovery, and that in past recessions we've recovered faster.  I don't know what the fuck their talking about because it's hasn't been in my lifetime that we had one of those.

From this perspective of unemployment you can almost see why wages for employees have stagnated.  If we've had an employment problem since 1976 it would mean workers don't have a lot of bargaining power.  Higher unemployment means jobs are more scarce than they were in the past.  The problem is scarcity plain and simple.  And yet we've experienced a massive increase in the stock market mostly due to gains in efficiencies.  Doing more with less.  The only way to reverse this trend is to be less efficient by spending more capital to attempt new things.  Build new products and services. By being inefficient!
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