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Looking for family members descended from my Dad's family in Romania. See Rudy's Romanian Roots, the Google+ page I set up.
Looking for family members descended from my Dad's family in Romania. See Rudy's Romanian Roots, the Google+ page I set up.

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OMG! The way your mind works! You are such an excellent writer that you can so lucidly explicate your complex ideas in language that is understandable to those of us who don't have the skills/experience/aptitudes that you do. Bravo. Couldn't help you with any of this, but I enjoyed reading it. Just learning to code for the helluvit. Maybe in 20 years.....:-))

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At least I got a clear answer here. Don't know if it will work, haven't tried it yet; but thanks for addressing this "update" which made FTMM2 completely inaccessible for me.

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And who said cats aren't as clever as canines?

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Wish I could get to E. Europe conference in July in SLC!

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My maternal side comes from this area of Czech Republic.

Just watched Henry Louis Gates' Finding Your Roots (caught 2nd episode only) and can't believe how bloody good it was! The difference between commercial TV (NBC's WDYTYA) and public broadcasting is so astonishing when you can compare two programs like this. The depth and breadth of the research and the discoveries were jaw-dropping, emotional, and so compelling! I can't wait for more of these. Bravo PBS and HLG Jr., and Megan Smolenyak.

Just recently got in touch with a long-lost cousin who lives in Kansas. He was raised by my maternal great-aunt as her son, but really her grandson, in Cleveland. He has a brother, in Nevada, or at least they think they are brothers. Problem is each has the other's birth certificate! To add to the challenge, they don't communicate. Is this a family history mystery or what? The mind boggles at how this could ever be unraveled.

Rudy's "father" was listed as "Anthony BILINSKI" on his birth record from Romania (see it in photos), but his mother was not married to the man. We know nothing about him or where he was from. Any Bilinskis out there who might know? He might have married my grandmother's sister, Maria Magierki (see photos on Rudy's page.)

Recently had my first "member connect" through Ancestry. She isn't related to our family, but her mom is married to a cousin on my maternal side. This is pretty exciting stuff; they know things we don't know (and vice versa) and we're exchanging pix and papers. Now there are more puzzles to solve. Gets my blood flowing!

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Any Magerkas, Magierkis, Turanskys, OR Turianskys related to Rudy?
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