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Chris “BostonGreekGeek” Vaxevanis
An Engineer and a Geek....or vice versa :P
An Engineer and a Geek....or vice versa :P

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Table is done. All 4 sides covered with pleather and bottom padded as well. Chairs need a little elevation with rubber feet and everything will be ready to test with a game.
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If people could easily fake their gps location for Pokemon Go, what makes them think they wont do this here? You didnt even need root to do this..hell I saw a 12 year old doing it on an iPhone!!! I wonder how long this service will last before they realize this was a mistake?
The Vudu smartphone app has been updated so that people with DVD or Blu-Ray movies can convert them to digital versions for a fee. #News #vudu #Walmart

Woke up to a nice warm spring day of 14F (-10 Celsius). Frackin groundhog!

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As if the fact that Mystery science theater was being brought back from Netflix wasn't has Felicia day and Patton Oswald in it...sign me up!

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+Justin Danisevich, you asked me a while ago, why I prefer waze instead of google maps and I forgot to tell you the main reason..this...which is finally coming to google maps...

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People: You pretend to be a teacher, Prophet, yet in essence speak like a politician!

Prophet: Incorrect...Your teachers tell you things you want to know and your politicians tell you things you want to hear!
I tell you things you neither want to know, or to hear!

via Arka on FB:

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Asmodee sale for included:
Hi folks. Just a shout out to let everyone know that asmodee digital has put their apps on sale. So ticket to ride, small world 2 and pandemic are at $1.99. More fun for all.

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The Drumpf craze didnt succeed in the Netherlands...we are lucky because it seems facism is starting to win all over the world! If it had would know WWIII would be coming soon. The fact that some other European countries can stop facists, gives me hope!

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I think this video got more attention because Drumpf didnt like it and if it was ignored, it wouldnt have gone viral..but thanks to the thin skinned douchebag running the made the news.

But, anything that upsets him is good for he can honestly not do worse (well he can, but pissing him off wont be the reason!)
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