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The Grandfather Clocks specialist

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Setting up a BilliB Grandfather Clock
Setting up a BilliB grandfather clock is not difficult and this video will show you how. If you are looking at buying a grandfather clock then come and see our range at or even arrange to come and visit our showroom in Bournemouth.

1. BilliB clocks are constructed with the consumer in mind giving ease and simplicity
2. Remove the clock from the shipping carton after ensuring all the staples are safely removed to avoid scratching the clock
3. Open the back or side panels of the clock to see the movement.
4. Remove the cardboard and or chime rod protectors from around the chime rods; slide the cardboard band down and off the chime rods.
5. Lift the chime hammer transit bars, (if applicable) which will release the chime hammers or cut the band enabling the hammers to move freely.
6. Replace the back and or side panels.
7. Move the clock to its final location, now hang the pendulum.
8. Hang the weights, making sure the clock is square and level.
9. Now give the pendulum a good swing, all BilliB clocks will go straight into balance* and start chiming.

*Automatic balance Feature is standard on most BilliB clocks

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Contemporary Clocks - a difference in time
Contemporary clocks give the decor of your home a unique feel. Examples in real slate, exquisite wood veneers or even aluminium metal using polished chrome movements offer an attractive modern clock for your home.

We have used real carbon fibre on some clock surfaces for an ultra-modern statement, or choose a polished piano finish. Plus we have added a radio controlled crystal quartz movement - perfect for being on time!

And if those don't make you tick - we have a selection of finest quality German crystal quartz wall clocks. We have contemporary clocks for every taste – these really are special times!

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Wall Clocks provide a unique hanging feature
Some are traditional, wooden case, some weight driven regulator style ..or we have spring driven mechanical clocks which need winding every week.

Most of our clocks have Westminster Chimes ...and some have automatic night silent facility. If you're a light sleeper, all our clocks have a manual silent facility.

Come and visit our Bournemouth showroom to see for yourself. We always have time for you!

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BilliB Clocks - UK Grandfather Clock specialist

Established in 1969, BilliB has the largest selection of varying styles and finishes of mechanical chiming clocks in the UK.

The varied range is available to view in its showroom in Bournemouth and most models are available from stock.

BilliB have teamed up with some of the finest manufacturers in the world giving BilliB the benefit of over 300 years of experience, quality & craftsmanship.

BilliB clocks is a registered trade mark of this family owned business.
For that once in a lifetime purchase contact BilliB on 01202 293352.

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Grandfather Clocks to grace your home
BilliB's showroom collection of Grandfather Clocks is unrivalled.

From classic longcase clocks in a wide range of wood finishes with quality mechanical movements to modern grandfather clocks from our Bubblegum range, we have a quality grandfather clock on display here in England for your home or office. Many of our clocks have beautiful melodies such as Westminster chimes - synonymous with English clock making. It's the same chime as Big Ben!

Some of our clocks have 3 different chimes ...and most have a night silent facility, perfect if you're a light sleeper. All our clocks have a silent lever and all have automatic beat for easy clock set up.

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Grandmother Clocks - the alternative
Grandmother clocks are much the same as grandfather clocks, just smaller.

When you look at a clock, you generally look at the dial, a bit like when you look at a picture, you're likely to focus on the centre of the picture rather than the frame. With a Grandmother clock, the centre of the dial is around same height as a light switch.

So, if that height suits you and the design of the room your clock will be part of, then a grandmother clock is a good option to consider. But, why not come and visit us at BilliB so you can see and compare for yourself. We always have time for you!

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Designer Clocks - putting art into time
We have a really exciting new range of designer clocks specially commissioned for our Bubblegum range.

Each piece is a unique and original design. Most of them are hand painted with UV stable acrylic paints. Some include lights to help bring out the vibrant colours.

The clocks have high torque German crystal quartz movements with counter-balanced hands - the finest quality.

These are not just clocks. They also stand out as wonderful piece of art, adding a splash of colour to any environment.

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BilliB Clocks

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