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Shedding Skin: Reconstructing our Relationship to Art
On September 20th, the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) hosted a daylong symposium, Shedding Skin: Reconstructing our Relationship to Art, developed by a recent IAIA graduate Alicia Rencountre-Da Silva and current IAIA student Charles Rencountre a...

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An Experiment in Acrylic Painting
Women in Cultural
Context , a group show, is currently showing at Tansey Contemporary ,   on Canyon Road, is currently exhibiting.
I went to see Teri Greeves ’ large scale wall pieces—beadwork mosaic appliqués on
raw silk. While there, I discovered the work...

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Newark Earthworks
Deer on one of eight barrier mounds at the gap of the Octagonal Mound of the Newark Earthworks Will post soon!

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Hopewell Culture National Historical Park + Jarrod Burks presentation
Hopewell Mound Group, as mapped by Ephraim Squier and Edwin Davis, published in 1848 Today we went to the primary site for the Middle Woodland societies known as the Hopewell Tradition: the Hopewell Cultural National National Historic Park in Chillicothe, O...

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Fort Ancient Earthworks
Sorry, no time to write much but here are images. More later! Fort Ancient Archaeological Park museum. This site is the largest hilltop earthwork enclosure, located near Oregonia, Ohio. The edges of the hilltop were flanked by earthwork enclosures built by ...

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Ohio Earthworks
Map of precontact sites in Ohio by Heironymous Rowe Thanks to American Indian Studies Program at the Ohio State University, Linda Lomahaftewa and I are embarking on another precolumbian journey—this time to explore Ohio's Ancient Earthworks! Ohio is the bir...

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End of pop-ad spam!
Thanks so much to Scott Andrews for pointing out the problems with pop-ad spam on this blog. I thought Google had allowed pop-ads on their blogs, so I just abandoned this blog. However, it turns out that the gadget Sociable was too blame and having removed ...

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To keep up with happenings in the Native American art world, check out First American Art magazine's Facebook page. Show announcements, calls for entry, news, and other info about indigenous art of the Americas.
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